The article Did God create life on other planets? has generated more feedback than possibly any other article on our website. Mark W. wrote in, agreeing that the article made sense from a biblical perspective, but disagreeing that the Bible disallows intelligent sentient alien life. His message is printed, with a response from CMI-Australia’s managing director, Carl Wieland, interspersed.

Gary’s article is very well thought out, and seems to make sense from a biblical perspective.

I agree.

However, I still believe the Supremacy of Christ entails myriad life forms in multiple dimensions. It’s arrogant to limit God’s ability and or intention to just us!

It would be arrogant, certainly, if the intention were to limit God’s ability or intention (especially if such limiting were in ways that the Scripture does not); I think though that the intent was to transmit what was deducible from what God has revealed to us. As such, it was not an argument from silence (i.e. it was not saying ‘because the Bible doesn’t tell us such and such therefore it is not possible’).

As Christ stated, All things are possible with God!

I’m sure you would agree that this statement has distinct applicability for the believer, but it does not negate, nor would any reasonable person think it does negate, the biblical statement ‘God is not a man that He should lie’. I.e. it is clear that there are some things God cannot do; one is to lie, since that would contradict His nature. So if someone were trying to show that God were a liar, then using the above Bible passage would be an example of a misapplication, I’m sure you would agree.

We humans cannot begin to fathom the mind of God, and the rich, mystical depth to His creation.

I would resonate with this.

How arrogant we are to think we are the only ones…

I’m not sure that this follows, with respect. If God had stated it in so many words, would that then be arrogant to claim this? I think not. All that Gary is claiming is that it is deducible from Scripture. Now you may disagree with that, but then that means engaging with the biblical argument—rather than claiming ‘arrogance’ as the motive. I’m sure you do not mean it this way, but can you see how it comes across as playing the man and not the ball?….

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