We received an overwhelmingly positive response to our exchange with the compromising chaplain, Rodney M. (see part 1 and part 2). But Robert S. from Australia criticized our responses. His message is printed in its entirety followed by a response by Gary Bates and Lita Cosner.

I agree with the Chaplain. Creationists are unnecessarily destabilizing the faith of young Christians, unjustifiably attacking Science and the many Christian Scientists who think differently from them, making the Gospel, the Christian Faith and the Church a laughing stock in schools and universities and alienating students genuinely interested in the Christian Faith. I thank the Chaplain for his courage and I condemn your unchristian maligning of his beliefs.

Dear Robert,

With all due respect, we don’t see how you could hold that view after reading the overwhelmingly supportive comments by Christians that have been published below both responses to Rev. M,. At the time of writing, yours is the only negative response. All of the aforementioned respondents were saying that they were excited when they found out that the Bible can actually be trusted from the first verse. Although you claim our view is a stumbling block, this seems to be a self-borne perception that is not grounded with much experience if the testimonies are anything to go by. Many commented how creation teaching actually opened their eyes to the truth of the Gospel and led to them becoming Christians.

If you relied upon the experience of some who said they rejected the Gospel because of a biblical ‘young-Earth’ stance, it does not invalidate the truth of Genesis or make it less trustworthy. People reject Christ for all sorts of reasons and excuse, and the majority of times it is based upon ignorance about what the Bible actually says or the true nature of God due to man’s sinful heart condition and his desire to reject God. We’re sure you’ve had conversations with people who raise straw man arguments against God, or who make claims about Christianity that are plainly not true as a reason for not believing….

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