My special thanks to Pastor Gary L.W. Johnson for sharing various sermon series with us and for allowing us to post them on the Creation Revolution website.  I know we have some faithful visitors who eagerly look forward to each new installment of his series on the Doctrine of God.  Today we are posting number 44 in this series.  This is the final installment in this amazing series.

I’ve been reviewing the other series of sermon notes from Pastor Johnson and trying to determine if there are any others that pertain to what Creation Revolution is about.  Many think that we are strictly a creation-evolution website, but that is only part of what we are about.  Creation Revolution is also an apologetics ministry.  In that light, we have tried to provide you with tools to help you not only learn about God, His Word and His Creation, but to allow you to defend the Bible as being the only source of absolute truth.

Therefore, I am pleased to announce that starting Monday, January 2, 2012, we will be starting Pastor Johnson’s series on the Exposition of Romans.  The Book of Romans is one of the most powerful apologetic books in the Bible and would be a perfect tool to add to the apologetic postings on our website.  I trust and pray that you will be just as enriched and blessed with this new series as you have been with his Apologetics = Defending the Faith series and the Doctrine of God series.


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