There is a section of your brain called the midbrain.  It is located at the top of the brainstem and is the area where the brain stem connects to the rest of the brain.  The midbrain is considered to be part of the central nervous system and serves in the functioning of motor control, hearing, vision, temperature control, sleeping and arousal.

Evolutionary biologists believe that the midbrain is a more ancient section that evolved millions of years ago in lower forms of animals and the rest of the brain eventually evolved around it.  The higher an animal is on the evolutionary scale, the more brain they have surrounding the midbrain with man being at the top of the scale.

Due to their evolutionary beliefs, a team of researchers set out to study the role of the so-called primitive midbrain in the stabilization of moving images in the early development of vision in infants.  Since humans are so similar to apes and monkeys, according to evolutionists, the researchers used newborn monkeys on which to conduct their research.

They found out that the infant monkeys used their midbrains to stabilize their focus on moving objects.  After several weeks, the monkeys’ cerebral cortex took over the function of stabilizing the ability to focus on a moving object.

The research conducted was excellent and may be able to be used to help cure or correct visual developmental defects that affect corneal opacity, lens aberrations and other problems.  However, they could not resist tying their research to their evolutionary beliefs of a millions of years of random chance mutations that were responsible for the construction of the most sophisticated and complicated organs and computer known to man.

Although I have to admit that had I been doing the same research, I would have tied my belief of an omniscient Creator God who designed the most sophisticated and complicated organ/computer ever known to man.  The research would have demonstrated to me just how marvelously designed the brain and all its parts really is.


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