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DNA in Dinosaur Bones?

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by Brian Thomas, M.S.

dna_in_dino_bones_wideFinding dinosaur DNA is as unthinkable to an evolutionist as finding a flat earth would be to a geographer. This is because DNA decays far too quickly to last millions of years. Thus, a recent report of possible dinosaur DNA promises to meet resistance from secular scientists. But combined with new DNA decay data, it builds a strong argument against evolutionary time.

Fossil experts have studied original dinosaur tissues and biochemicals for a long time. When tyrannosaur and hadrosaur bones from Montana were viewed under a microscope, they were found to harbor fresh-looking bone cells called osteocytes. Researchers even verified original—not mineralized—dinosaur proteins called collagen and elastin in 2009.1

The new report in the journal Bone identified vertebrate-specific proteins named actin and PHEX. It also described DNA in the dinosaur cells.2

Many secular scientists have sought to resolve the dilemma of fast-decaying biochemicals found deep within fossils by asserting that bacteria produced them after creeping into the bone sometime after the creatures were catastrophically buried. One way to help disprove the bacteria idea is to find exclusively animal proteins.

The researchers did just that. They also applied two different DNA-sensitive stains to the osteocytes. Both stains visualized DNA in a central location inside the long-dead dinosaur cells—where the cell’s nucleus should be….

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  • Seymour Kleerly

    Believing anti-science, extremely illogical stories such as this should prevent one from legally obtaining a drivers license.

    • sportsguy

      Since when is it “anti-science” to apply accepted scientific principles? There is nothing I read in this story that is illogical, you may not agree with it or believe it, but many would say that is illogical. I think people started taking “The Theory of Evolution” as fact just because scientists stopped using the work Theory. This theory has yet to be proven, yet many people including supposed scientists pawn it off as fact. Now that to me is illogical.

      • Seymour Kleerly

        Although I firmly believe in evolution my comment was about the age of the earth. Any story that attempts to refute the undeniable scientific data that our planet is billions of years old is should be an insult to your intelligence.

        • Mex Seiko

          The age of the earth is still on trial along with the Theory of Evolution. The problem is that they’re prosecuting themselves so the evidence is reluctant. The Scientific Community considers no other alternative but the Victorian Theory of Evolution, so researched is based on only that evolutionary premise. Any scientist who dares mock Darwin is subject to a Fatwah.

          • Seymour Kleerly

            Which do you think is closer to reality? A 6000 year old planet or one that’s millions or billions years old?

          • Mex Seiko

            I believe God created the heavens and the earth in Genesis 1, then 2 to 10 billion later Genesis 2 began. Notice that in Genesis 2 the earth was without form. The key is that it already “was” or existed.

          • edc

            God did not create in infancy, He created adult creatures and heavenly bodies. He created light and therefore created it as already here on earth and the earth did not have to wait millions of light years for it to reach us.His creation began on earth and then streched to the heavens and back to earth. This shows how much He loves us, that He would make us the center piece of His creation. (Gen 1)

          • Seymour Kleerly

            Didn’t Gallileo get jailed for suggesting that the earth is not the center of the universe? He was later aquitted by the age of Reason. How many other species have evolved in the infinite universe that could well be far more advanced than us. Your assumption (indoctrination) is goofy and arrogant.

          • Mex Seiko

            We certainly know from the Bible that there are other more advanced species. I don’t think they have evolved but the Zeraphim, Cherubim, Angels, and Archangels are certainly very much advanced creatures.

        • Cg Arnell

          I love these superficial arguments based on everyone’s opinion of everyone else. It’s NOT creation or evolution at stake here, but an eternity in Heaven or Hell depending on who you allow to deceive you.
          If you have a family and are still deceived by those who hate God, then it’s likely you are taking your family down the same wide path to destruction that you are on. If you understand that God created *everything* and gave his Son on the cross to atone for your sins, you will be doing everything you can to be sure your family knows that too. Smoking or Non-Smoking.. Are you trusting the foolishness of men or the Wisdom of God?

    • handgunnar

      Grow up, troll.

      • Seymour Kleerly

        At least you admit you don’t understand science. That’s a good start!

        • handgunnar

          I was referring to your invincible ignorance.

    • Rusty Entrekin

      “Anti-science,” “extremely illogical,” “…driver’s license.” Your post is all negative labeling and riducule. When someone resorts to this rather than substantive, fact-based arguments, it causes me to ask the wonder, “Is he doing this because he can think of nothing more to support his contentions?”

  • Brendajanetorres

    WHY….Do they plan on cloning one….Like they are already doing with other creatures? Playing God, WILL come back to ‘Bite you in the Butt’!!!

  • Howard Grant

    Evolution is a fairy tale.

  • didipostyet?

    All evolutionist can do is insult cause they have no facts. Evolutionist must make you feel dumb in order to spread the crap they do. Genesis 1, literal days, stop apologizing for it. Old age is a bunch of unscientific horse poop.

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