*by Wes Moore

Dinosaurs are amazing! Big teeth, long claws, big muscles—they’re so cool! But what happened to them? One day they were all here and then, Bam!, they were all gone.

Many people doubt the Bible because they can’t figure out why the Bible doesn’t talk about dinosaurs. If the Bible is true, it certainly should talk about these amazing creatures, right?

Well, I’ve got some good news for you: the Bible does talk about dinosaurs! In fact, the Bible has a lot to say about dinosaurs.

Let me tell you some of what it says.

Dinosaurs and the Bible

First, the Bible tells us that God created them on Day 6 of creation week. You can learn this in the book of Genesis (the first book of the Bible) in chapter one verses 24-25. Here it tells us that God made not only man, but also all of the land animals.

Did you know that dinosaurs are land animals? Yes, the sea creatures commonly thought of as dinosaurs aren’t actually considered dinosaurs. Dinosaurs are just animals on the land.

God made all the land animals on Day 6 of creation week, including dinosaurs!

Next, the Bible tells us that all animals (land and sea) were cursed along with man after Adam’s fall into sin. This is when dinosaurs and other animals started to eat each other, and when mankind began to get sick and do terrible things to each other.

Third, the Bible tells us about the flood of Noah’s time. During this time, Noah gathered one of every kind of dinosaur, like the T-Rex and Brachiosaur, and put them in the Ark. Those who were not on the Ark died in the flood. And today we can find many of their bones in rock layers. We call these bones fossils.

After the flood, the dinosaurs came out of the Ark and found it was very hard to survive. Many of them didn’t. Most types of dinosaurs were lost completely. When a group of animals dies off like this we call it extinction. Many types of animals become extinct every year.

Does the Bible describe real dinosaurs?

There is much more to learn about dinosaurs. You and your parents should visit www.creation.com to learn more.

But let me end this article by pointing out a big dinosaur the Bible describes in detail. You can look in your Bible to the book of Job (it’s kind of in the middle of your Bible) chapter 40, verses 15 through 24.

In this passage, God describes the Behemoth. This animal is the biggest land animal God ever made. Notice how God describes his tail: “His tail sways like a cedar.” A cedar is a big tree. As you read this entire description, doesn’t this sound like a big dinosaur, maybe like the Brachiosaur? I think it does.

In the next chapter of Job, you can also read about a dinosaur-like sea creature called Leviathan. He even breathes fire!


There are many great questions about the Bible and dinosaurs. But, like every other kind of question, there are also great answers!

God made the dinosaurs along with all the other land animals, they suffered the curse placed on all creation after sin, they were on Noah’s Ark, and many suffered extinction after the flood.

You don’t have to be afraid when you get this question. Now you’ve got an answer!


*Wes Moore is a conservative Christian author and speaker, and the founder of Evidence America, an apologetics and evangelism training ministry. Wes is the author of Forcefully Advancing, a book designed to equip the average Christian to engage the lost; The Maker, a futuristic apologetics novel; and The Spiritual Top 50, a non-fiction apologetics book designed to help Christians answer the questions their lost friends are asking.  You can learn more about him at www.wesmoorenow.com.


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