For the past twenty years or so, we’ve been hearing more and more reports claiming that birds are modern dinosaurs.  They point to a number of similarities between dinosaur fossil skeletons and the skeletons of birds living today.  However, similarity does not mean common ancestry, rather it means common Designer.

But have you ever seen articles that point out the differences between dinosaurs and birds?  If so, they have been few and far between.  You rarely read about the difference between the internal organs that have been found fossilized among the bones of the dinosaurs.  They always appear to be reptilian in design and not avian like in birds and these differences are a huge evolutionary hurdle to overcome.

One of those differences between dinosaurs and birds are their eggs and interestingly, a recent research project highlighted those differences in a very peculiar way.

Mark Purnell is a researcher at the University of Leicester in the United Kingdom.  His unique research project started with a newly discovered dinosaur egg that they had the task of trying to classify.  The egg was discovered in the Pyrenees Mountains, resulting in its being named Sankofa pyrenaica.

However, the egg didn’t exactly resemble the typical dinosaur egg and it didn’t resemble bird eggs either.  So Purnell and his team developed a mathematical formula based upon the shape of an egg.  They studied a variety of dinosaur and bird eggs and applied their math formula to each and every one.

The end result was there are distinct differences between dinosaur and bird eggs.  Dinosaur eggs are longer, narrower and have very little distinction between the two ends of the egg.  Bird eggs are fatter and shorter with distinct pointier and wider ends.

When they applied their mathematical formula to the Sankofa pyrenaica egg, they found that it didn’t perfectly fit in either category, but it was more elongated like a dinosaur egg.

The really peculiar aspect of their study was when they applied their mathematical comparison to Easter eggs.  They discovered that some chocolate and candy Easter eggs are shaped more like dinosaur eggs and others like the Cadbury crème eggs, were more like bird eggs.  One thing they noted was that the shape of the Sankofa pyrenaica egg more closely resembled the Lindor chocolate Easter egg.

I keyed on the differences between the dinosaur and bird eggs.  Dinosaur eggs are shaped like many reptile eggs which are distinctly not shaped the same as bird eggs.  This is just one of many facts that refute the idea that dinosaurs evolved into birds.

But the best evidence to refute the dinosaur to bird theory is Genesis 1 which tells us that birds existed prior to dinosaurs as they were created on Day 5 and dinosaurs on Day 6.


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