It is a fact that many reptiles may continue to grow throughout their lives, so some creationists have simplistically postulated that a dinosaur (“terrible lizard”) is merely the result of having a lizard live much longer than today in the favorable environment of the early earth. We know from scripture that antediluvian men often lived for hundreds of years, so it is reasonable to conclude that animals also enjoyed longer lives. What would a lizard that lived for centuries look like? The answer is that it would still be a lizard, not a dinosaur.

The differences between lizards and dinosaurs are greater than might appear at first glance. There are more fundamental, skeletal differences that can be seen between all lepidosaurs (e.g., living lizards, snakes and tuatara, plus many more fossil forms) and all archosaurs (e.g., extinct thecodonts, pterosaurs, and dinosaurians, plus living crocodiles). In Table 1 is a simplified classification of reptiles (adapted from Anonymous, n.d.) Note that lizards and dinosaurs are classified differently.

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