I love to hunt for fossils and have found some interesting ones over the years, but to my regret I’ve never had the opportunity to find any dinosaur fossils.  Most of the fossils I’ve found have been marine fossils including the back half a trilobite that was over 6 inches wide and had to exceeded 12 inches in length since the section I found measured just over 7 inches.  Unfortunately, I was not able to recover it from the rock strata and had to leave it in place.

I would have thoroughly enjoyed being part of a team of paleontologists that have discovered a cache of dinosaur nests in South Africa (especially since I’ve never been to South Africa).  They found ten different nests in an area of about 82 feet in the Golden Gate Highlands National Park.  There were eggs in every nest with one nest containing 34 eggs, causing the paleontologists to surmise that some nests may have been used for multiple layings of eggs or by more than one female.

The eggs averaged about 2.3 to 2.7 inches in length and belonged to a species of prosauropod known as Massospondylus.  Adults of this species grew up to 20 feet in length from nose to tip of the tail.  Careful examination of the eggs revealed some very nicely preserved embryonic skeletons.

Finding and reporting the group of nests would be exciting enough, but as so often happens, the paleontologists have to go and start interject their belief in millions of years by claiming the nests were about 190 million years old.  Had their claims been true, this would have made these nests nearly 100 million years older than any other dinosaur nests yet discovered.

Now I have to admit that if I had found the nests and eggs and reported the discovery, I too would have expressed my beliefs in placing on age on them, and like the evolutionists I would have made no apologies for doing so.  I would have said that the nests had been quickly buried by the Genesis Flood that occurred about 4,360 years ago.

The evolutionists and I both have the same facts – dinosaur nests with eggs – but different belief systems which govern how we interpret those facts.  Evolutionists choose to base their beliefs in millions of years of godless evolution whereas I base my beliefs upon the written Word of God who was there and gave us His account of what happened.


Oldest dinosaur nest site found, BBC News, Jan 24, 2012.

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