When evolutionists can’t find a workable solution for life originating on earth by pure random chance evolution, the only place they think they have left to turn to is outer space.  That really doesn’t solve the problem.  Rather it just defers it to another unexplainable source and so on and so on.  It’s like the old legend that the earth rests on the back of an elephant and the elephant rests on the back of a turtle and when asked what the turtle rests on, the answer is ‘turtles all the way down.’  Well, that seems to be just what a team of French scientists have resorted to in their latest work. 

It all revolves around a molecular property known as chirality more specifically homochirality.  Homochirality refers to the asymmetric properties of a number of organic molecules.  These molecules occur in two forms, one being a mirror image to the other.  These two forms occur in ‘right-handed’ and ‘left-handed’ forms (enantiomers).  Ordinarily these two forms are equally produced – 50/50. 

Homochirality also presents a most difficult challenge to the evolutionary theory is the origin of homochirality in living organisms.  Although occurring equally, it seems that in the overwhelming majority of living organism, amino acids are almost entirely left-handed while all of the sugars that are found in nucleic acids, glycogen and starches are right-handed. 

If just one right-handed amino acid combines in the formation of a protein, 99.99% of the time, that protein will be functionless.  The same holds true for those compounds that use one or more sugars; if just one left-handed sugar is used, the nucleic acid, glycogen or starch becomes functionless. 

Creationists have long used the statistical improbability of amino acids forming by random chance, especially when one considers that they all have to be left-handed, as additional proof of the impossibility of evolution.  For example, take one of the smallest proteins known, TRP-Cage which is found in the saliva of Gila Monsters.  This tiny protein consists of only 20 amino acids.  Creationists point out that the chance of this protein to have first forms out of the 20 basic amino acids found in proteins, would be 1/2020.  For those that may be lost at this point, I will try to make it easier to understand.  If there are 20 basic amino acids floating around, and this protein requires a specific one to be first in line, the chances of selecting that one amino acid first is 1 out of 20 amino acids or 1/20.  The same random chance exists for each amino acid down the chain, so the overall chance of selecting all 20 amino acids in the exact order would be 1/20 times 20 or 1/20×1/20×1/20×1/20×1/20×1/20×1/20×1/20×1/20×1/20×1/20×1/20×1/20×1/20×1/20×1/20×1/20×1/20×1/20×1/20 or 1/2020.  This calculates out to 9.54-27 or 0.00000000000000000000000000954 chances of this tiny molecule having first formed by random chance.  But, this has not taken into account for the homochirality that each amino acid selected must be left-handed.  So instead of the chances for each amino acid being 1/20, it is actually 1/40 since there would be an equal number of right-handed and left handed amino acids to choose from.  So in reality, the probability is 1/4020 which calculates out to 9.09-33, or a 0.00000000000000000000000000000000909 chance of TRP-Cage having formed by natural processes.  Now consider that a number of proteins found in living organisms, including you and me, are made up of several hundred to over 30,000 amino acids.  I’ll let you calculated the probability of a 30,000 amino acid protein (1/4030,000) and you tell me if it could have formed by random selection.  Let’s just say that you would have a better chance of winning the Power Ball lottery several times.

Now I hope that you understand the problem evolutionists have in trying to explain the origin of homochirality from naturally occurring organic chemicals here on earth.  So if they can’t explain it from an earthly realm, what other recourse do they have but to turn to outer space as the origin of homochirality and thus, life itself.

Several French teams of scientists banded together to see if they could produce an excess of either right or left-handed molecules in the same conditions as those found in interstellar space.  They started by reproducing analogs of interstellar and cometary ice in the lab.  The ice substances were then subjected to circularly polarized ultraviolet radiation which they believed would mimic the same conditions as those in certain space environments.  After the ices are heated up, they left a residue that was then tested and found to have an excess of a chiral form of the protein alanine.  The excess was only 1.3%, which matches what has been found in some meteorites.  The production of the small chiral forms from a substance that contained no chiral forms to begin with is being considered proof to support the interstellar origins of chirality and thus the building blocks of life here on earth. 

What I found interesting is that the report stated that the experiment implies that the formation of chiral molecules of life on Earth “is not the result of chance but rather of a deterministic physical mechanism”.  Basically, they are admitting that the probability of random chance is completely insufficient and untenable to explain the chirality of molecules and the origin of life.  And by stating that it implies a deterministic physical mechanism basically is stating that some type of guided process was responsible. 

They will of course argue that the guided process relies on natural laws, but where do we get the natural laws from?  Again, they would argue that all of the natural laws that hold everything together and governs all of life as we know it came from a chaotic chance explosive event and that the aftermath of this Big Bang event somehow created its own set of natural laws, i.e. organization from chaos.  Sorry folks, but I’ve never seen any evidence of something being organized as a result of a random chaotic event.

What they fail to realize is that even if their was some validity to their work and conclusion, all that would do would be to decrease the probability of a protein forming here on Earth from 1/40x to 1/20x.  In the case of TRP-Cage protein, the probability only improves from 9.09-33 to 9.54-27.  This really doesn’t help their case very much.

I do have to agree with the French team of scientists in that there is no way homochirality cold have evolved here on earth.  But I have to disagree that the only other source must be from outer space.  It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see that the only possible source of homochirality has to involve a great deal of intelligence and purposeful direction which can only point back to our wonderful all-knowing Creator God. 


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