If evolution is a fact, then which fact is a fact and which fact is not a fact?  It amazes me to see so many people adamantly claim that evolution is a fact and has been proven when they still can’t explain the origin of the very first cell.  Theories are now ranging from space debris to thermal vents deep in the ocean to pockets of hot mud to the latest idea of a floating raft of volcanic rocks.


A team of researchers from the University of Western Australia and Oxford University have proposed the possibility that the first cells could have been formed by floating volcanic rocks.  As Professor Martin Brasier explained:


During its life cycle, pumice is potentially exposed to – among other things – lightning associated with volcanic eruptions, oily hydrocarbons and metals produced by hydrothermal vents, and ultraviolet light from the Sun as it floats on water.  All these conditions have the potential to host, or even generate, the kind of chemical processes that we think created the first living cells.


Dr. David Wacey, another scientist involved in the research added that it’s a known fact that life was thriving 3.4 billion years ago in the midst of sand grains on a beach.  Then he posits:


What we are saying here is that certain kinds of beach might have provided a cradle for life.


Having the ingredients for life and those ingredients becoming life are two totally different things.  One can place all of the ingredients of life in a container and sit there and watch it years and nothing is going to happen except that many of the compounds will react with each other and eventually begin to break down.  Experiments of this sort have been tried for years and nothing has come of it.


Some experiments can create cell membranes, but not a living reproducing cell.


Secondly, how does Dr. Wacey know for a fact that life was thriving in beaches 3.4 billion years ago?  Was he there to observe it?  Do the sand grains have a label with a created by date on them?  What method of dating was used to get the date of 3.4 billion years and what are the assumptions that this dating method is based upon?


These are the questions people need to learn to ask.  Instead of just accepting every scientific report that comes out, we need to look at it to see what parts of it is real science and what parts are conjecture and speculation.


In this report, the only part that is real science is that some volcanic pumice does float and can collect a variety of minerals and compounds and sometimes end up on a beach.  The rest of this report is nothing but guesswork made by a group of people who obviously refuse to believe that God created life about 6000 years ago as it says in the Bible.


And how do I know that God created life about 6000 years ago?


Because God tells us He created life and everything else.  He was there.  We have His eyewitness account of what He did.  The date of 6000 years is easily attained by the various genealogies listed in the Bible.  No guesswork.  No speculation.  No doubt. FACT!





Kinver, Mark.  Volcanic rock rafts ‘could have been cradles of life’, BBC News, Sept. 2, 2011.

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