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Rick L, U.S., wrote in response to the article Multiverse Theory:

I would summarize by saying it takes more faith to believe in Multiverse theory than it does to believe in God. Ockham’s Razor as you reference.

I am not as emotive about it. I welcome the chance to ponder the universe and try to explain the physical laws we see. Science is my friend. I don’t see it as a snub of God. I’m sure He can take it.

I would have to agree that this theory is philosophical and not scientific. It can never be tested or proven to be true or false. I think there may be some merit to the expansion theory. I like it.

I am willing to entertain the Big Bang Theory. I don’t think it threatens God’s hand in creation. Science may eventually explain how everything was created all the way back to a singularity. That’s great, it just explains God’s method. The Big Bang Theory still won’t explain why the singularity was there in the first place or what preceded it. So, God will always be the final answer.

Gary Bates, the author of the aforementioned article, responds.

Dear Rick,

Thanks for your email. However, may I gently suggest that (per our feedback rules) that before you contacted a biblical (young-earth) creationist site, with your views on how God may have used something like the big bang, that it would have been helpful to peruse our site. For example, simply typing ‘big bang’ into the search engine, reveals a plethora of articles on the subject including a very good summary of the problems with the big bang called The mind of God and the ‘big bang’. However, I have responded in a manner that will allow you to access more information via the links in this article. I hope, in the interests of being fully informed, that you will take the time to read them. I mean this with the greatest respect, of course. We aim to be a service to Christians and specialize as an information ministry in this regard. This site contains lots of information.

The big bang wholly fails on two scores.

1. It fails theologically.

The order of creation completely contradicts the order of creation as specified in Genesis chapter one. See Chronological order in Genesis 1: Big bang beginnings and days before the sun. For example: Contrast the differences below from our article Two worldviews in conflict: Evolution is absolutely opposed to the Bible.

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