Evolutionists have are convinced that dinosaurs evolved into birds because some dinosaur fossils contain similarities with birds while most don’t.  They ignore the fact that according to their own dating techniques that most of the feathered and bird-like dinosaur fossils are much younger than some bird fossils.  That would be like saying that you are the ancestor to your great great great great great great great grandparents.

If evolutionists are consistent in their logic of why dinosaurs evolved into birds (because of fossil similarities), then one of the latest dinosaur finds would indicate that they also gave rise to vampires and porcupines.

While working as a graduate student at Harvard University back in 1983, Paul Sereno noticed a small dinosaur fossil that caught his attention.  He claims that he knew it was a new species, but that other things distracted him from the specimen and that he has only recently returned to study the bizarre creature.

Given the name Pegomastax africanus, or “thick jaw from Africa”, the one foot tall dinosaur is a member of the Heterodontosaurs.  It has a parrot-like beak, two long canines like a vampire and body covered with thick bristles like those of a porcupine.  Sereno referred to the specimen saying:

I describe it as a bird, a vampire and a porcupine.

Such vampire-like canines are not typical of plant eating dinosaurs and Sereno theorizes that they must have been used for self-defense.  Other scientists who have studied other heterodonts believe they also ate insects and other small sources of meat, but Sereno disagrees.

So if birds evolved from dinosaurs because of fossil evidence, then did this weird little dinosaur evolve into birds, vampires and porcupines?  Of course not and no one is making that claim.  But this demonstrates flaws in the logical leaps made by evolutionists.  They only make the leaps that fit into their overall theory and ignore other leaps that would be as equally logical to make.

It reminds me of the same way many liberal Christians pick and choose what they want out of the Bible and reject the things they don’t like.  Sadly, this is part of man’s sinful nature.  If evolution is true as they claim, they need to be consistent in their interpretation of all of the evidence, just like Christians need to be consistent and accept all of the Bible or none it.  You can’t have it both ways in either belief.

And if you try to be consistent with all of the evidence, evolution quickly becomes impossible to explain and defend.  On the other hand, embracing all of God’s Word, everything in nature makes sense and easily defended.


Dwarf ‘vampire’ dinosaur was a plant eater, BBC News, Oct. 4, 2012.

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