One of the main criticisms of the movie Expelled (Miller and Stein, 2008) is that Ben Stein and the movie’s producers link Darwinism with eugenics and Nazism. Eugenics, a nightmare of the recent past, has resulted in the death of millions of innocent people in Nazi Germany and elsewhere. Also, millions more were forcibly sterilized by governments, including the German and American governments, as a result of this teaching.

It is often claimed by modern-day Darwinists that Darwin himself did not teach eugenics, but rather it is a perversion of his teachings, a pseudoscience that Darwin never even implied in his writings. For example, Fischer (1998, p. 47) wrote that during the last quarter of the 19th century a new form of Judeophobia emerged that not only stirred up a wave of hatred throughout Europe but also produced the soil on which the Nazi mentality would be nourished. This was the emergence of biological racism based on the pseudoscientific theories spun out by the followers of Darwin, who extended and misinterpreted his biological findings to fit their ideological agendas.

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