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In this episode, hosts Eric Hovind and Paul Taylor answer viewers’ questions regarding dinosaurs, the earth’s magnetic field, and aliens. Be sure to tune in and receive an abundance of information regarding these topics. Who knows, you may learn something you didn’t know before…


Eric Hovind: From the CTN Studio in Pensacola Florida, this is the Creation Today show, with Eric Hovind and Paul Taylor.

Paul Taylor: And we’ve got a packed show today, we’re gonna be talking about whether or not a giant asteroid killed off all the dinosaurs. That should be fun to find out about. We’re going to be learning about Earth’s magnetic field

Eric Hovind: Glad we have that

Paul Taylor: And we’re going to be talking all about aliens and UFO’s and what they are.

Eric Hovind: This show is gonna be out of this world. Just so you know we believe the Bible is literally true and scientifically accurate in every single detail, and we’re not ashamed to say so. So thanks for joining us, we’ll be back right after this.


Eric Hovind: Welcome back to Creation Today, we’ve got a couple announcements for you. If you have not heard, we are doing a proof of God conference in Orlando Florida, in  let’s see, second weekend of October. So if you’re available to hang out with the big rats down there in Orlando., you know who that is, right, Mickey Mouse [laughter] calling him the big rat, come on  down and join us for the Proof of God conference. Gonna have some great speakers there, aren’t we?

Paul Taylor: It’s gonna be great. I’m afraid Mickey Mouse is not speaking at the conference, no. But there’s gonna be some absolutely first-rate speakers, and  then there’ll be you and me as well…Yes.

Eric Hovind: That’s correct. We’ve got Carl Kirby from Reason to Hope Ministry….


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