Lael Weinberger  talks with leading Bible expositor John MacArthur

For over forty years of ministry, Dr John MacArthur has had a passion to proclaim the authority of Scripture. His ministry has reached out from Grace Community Church in California to an ever-growing audience around the world. The ministry has taken many forms: radio broadcasts, books, and the training at The Master’s College and Seminary, where Dr MacArthur serves as president.

John recently shared his insights on the church, Genesis, and the interpretation of Scripture in an interview for Creation magazine.

LW: Back in 2001, you published a book, The Battle for the Beginning, on the creation account in Genesis. Why?

JM: During nearly two decades as president of The Master’s College, I had been watching the erosion of belief in Genesis among the Christian colleges in the national Christian College association. Many of these were supposedly conservative in their biblical beliefs, but they were quietly, tacitly denying the authority of God’s Word in exchange for worldly academic esteem. They were doing this by deliberately fudging on their interpretation of Genesis in order to increase their scholastic status. For many of them, abandoning the biblical account of creation proved to be a first step toward relinquishing other key biblical and evangelical essentials. That’s because the eventual crumbling of all biblical conviction is an inevitable byproduct of choosing to treat scientific theory as a higher authority than the plain teaching of Scripture. There were more than 100 schools in that coalition, and only a handful held to literal six-day creation….

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