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We would like to encourage everyone with families to sit down and read the Bible together every day.  Daily Readings will provide you with a daily guide to allow you and your family to read through the entire Bible in a year.

October 23


  • Jeremiah 1-2
  • 1 Timothy 3



The Ten Commandments: Manual for the Christian Life



by Jochem Douma; Translated by Nelson Kloosterman


The Ten Commandments provide “the fundamental pointers we need for our concourse with God and our neighbors,” writes Professor J. Douma in this work. As the subtitle indicates, the Ten Commandments are a manual for the Christian life, relevant to all thought and experience.


In this commentary on the commandments, Douma tackles the difficult yet practical issues of our time with insight, thoroughness, and faithfulness to God’s Word. Discussions of the commandments span current issues from religious art to sorcery and witchcraft, from Sunday observance to civil disobedience, from abortion to euthanasia and suicide.


Because the commandments speak to every area of life, this volume lends itself to a wide range of uses. Pastors, professors, counselors, and interested laypeople will gain much wisdom and direction from the careful and up-to-date exposition, as well as from the thoughtful and necessary application.


About the author: J. Douma is respected internationally for his perceptive interpretation and careful application of Scripture in relation to contemporary moral problems. He is a minister among the Reformed Churches in the Netherlands (liberated) and Professor of Ethics at the Theological University in Kampen. Among his more than twenty published works is a fifteen-volume series entitled Moral Reflection, three volumes of which have been combined into the English publication of The Ten Commandments.




“When the law of god is eclipsed, the gospel is obscured. This book imparts the light of the law with such clarity that the character of God is made wonderfully plain to us.” —R.C. Sproul


“Applicable, practical, and accessible—a commentary on the Ten Commandments should be all of these things. This thoroughly biblical and forthrightly Reformed work satisfies these requirements and more and thus should be a welcome addition to any bookshelf.” —George Grant


Hardback; 432 pages



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