September 19


looking to Jesus, the founder and perfecter of our faith,who for the joy that was set before him endured the cross, despising the shame, and is seated at the right hand of the throne of God.   Hebrews 12:2



You may not know what the Lord is doing in a particular circumstance, but you will know hereafter.  Let Christ know of your heavy cares.  Let him bear all.  Dear brother, do not become weary of your Master’s chains.  We are closer to Christ when we suffer.  Keep close by Christ, and let the wind blow.  Rejoice in his cross.  Your deliverance does not sleep and his promise is not slack.  Wait for God’s appointed time of deliverance.  You shall lose nothing in the furnace but dross.  Not one ounce too much is laid on you.  The devil is just a whetstone to sharpen the faith and patience of the saints.  The Lord is cutting and polishing stones for the New Jerusalem.  Be content to wade through the waters holding his hand, for he knows all the fords.  You may be dunked, yet you cannot drown.  Those who went before you went through blood, suffering, and many afflictions.  Christ has borne the whole cross, and his saints bear only chips.  Be content, you are his wheat growing in the field.  You must pass under the Lord’s threshing instrument on his barn floor, through his sieve, and through his mill to be bruised as the Prince of your salvation was (Isa. 53:9).  Christ has handsomely fitted the rough tree of the cross for your shoulders that it will not hurt you.  Your treasures are in Christ’s coffers and your comforts greater than you can believe.  Do not be afraid when you see the swelling river of death.  You may wade after Christ, and the current however so strong, cannot carry you down.  The Son of God, his death and resurrection, are stepping stones to stay you.  You have only these two shallow brooks, sickness and death, to pass through.  Christ will meet you and go with you, foot for foot, yea, he will bear you up in his arms.  O then!  For the joy that is set before you run your race with patience!



Biblical Theology


Lovers of theology, and particularly of the Puritans, will welcome this English translation of John Owen’s Latin writings. The major portion of this volume is a history of theology from Adam to Christ. Owen characterizes evangelical theology as a gift of the Holy Spirit generating faith in Christ, holiness through Christ, and worship of Christ.


Appendixed to this important work is Owen’s Defense of Scripture against Modern Fanaticism, which is a defense of the authority and proper interpretation of the Bible against the subjectivism of his day.


“Published in Latin in 1661 as a contribution to international Reformed scholarship, this treatise draws on a very wide range of learning. The final part, in particular, where Owen characterizes evangelical theology as a gift of the Holy Spirit generating faith in Christ, holiness through Christ, and worship of Christ, is pure gold. To have it now – at last! – in English is a great boon. Those with a taste for Owen, or for theology, or (best of all) for both, will read this Puritan proto-Biblical Theology with joy.”

– J.I. Packer


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