January 5


 For we are the circumcision, who worship by the Spirit of God and glory in Christ Jesus and put no confidence in the flesh— Matthew 6:33


Consider the excellencies of the knowledge of Christ.  The comforts of believers are streams from this fountain.  Jesus Christ is the object of a believer’s joy.  Take away the knowledge of Christ, and Christians would be the most sad and melancholy beings in the world.  Let Christ but manifest himself, and dart the beams of his light into their souls, and it will make them kiss the stake, sing in the flames, and shout I the pangs of death, as men that divide the spoil.  We can perform no duty, enjoy no comfort, nor can we be saved without it (John 17:3).  If it is life eternal to know Christ, then it is eternal damnation to be ignorant of Christ.  Christ is the door that opens heaven, and knowledge is the key that opens Christ.  It is profound; all other sciences are but shadows; this is a boundless, bottomless ocean; no creature has a line long enough to fathom its depths; there is height, length, depth, and breadth ascribed to it (Eph. 3:18), yea, it passes knowledge.  Eternity itself cannot fully unfold him.  It is like exploring a newly discovered land; by degrees you search further and further into the heart of the country.  Ah, the best of us are yet on the borders of this vast continent!  The study of Jesus Christ is the noblest subject that ever a soul spent itself upon.  The angels stoop to look into the abyss.  The truths discovered in Christ are the secrets that from eternity lay hid in the bosom of God.  Studying Christ stamps a heavenly glory upon the contemplating soul.  How little do we know of Christ, in comparison with what we might have known!  O, how much time is spent in other studies and worldly employments; but how little in the search and study of Jesus Christ!  O then, separate, devote, and wholly give yourself, your time, and your strength to this most sweet, transcendent study.

Fear of God

In 1961, A.W. Tozer wrote in The Knowledge of the Holy that the way some Christians think about God is sinful. Dr. Arnold Frank, in The Fear of God: A Forgotten Doctrine confirms that the 21st century church, in the pew as well as the pulpit, continues to regard God as impotent and irrelevant in other words, without godly fear. As such, Dr. Frank, with a theologian’s skill and a pastor’s heart, walks us through the Scriptures, letting the Word of God speak about the fear of God.

In addition to clear, biblical exposition, Dr. Frank also weaves in the wise and timeless counsel of the Puritans to help us see how the fear of God is a most needed and practical doctrine.

Do you approach God with a godly fear? The Fear of God: A Forgotten Doctrine will be a skillful and gracious reminder of how we should regard the holy, sovereign Creator.


“The biblical concept of the fear of God is too often marginalized or ignored by the Christian church and its preachers today. The result is shallow views of sin, easy belief, and antinomianism. With the aid of Puritan preachers, Arnold Frank sounds a clarion call for a biblical and sure approach to the fear of God.” Joel Beeke (President, Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary)

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