August 17


Then the righteous will shine like the sun in the kingdom of their Father. He who has ears, let him hear.  Romans 6:12



What are some of the blessings in having God for our heavenly Father? (1.) All of the promises of the Bible belong to us.  A wicked man may lay claim only to the curses, but the promises are God’s children’s bread, and the support of their faith.  They are God’s sealed deed, and a Christian’s cordial.  O, the heavenly comforts which are distilled from the promises.  Like a garden of fruit trees, a child of God may go to any promise and pluck comfort from it, for his children are heirs of the promises. (2.) We are conquerors.  Though we may sometimes be foiled, and lose a single battle, yet, we do not lose the victory.  The world holds forth profit and pleasure, and many are overcome by it, but God’s children have a world-conquering faith (1 John 5:4).  (3) He will now and then send us tokens of his love.  If we meet with coarse treatment from an unkind world, God will send pledges of his love to encourage us.  What are these tokens of love?  Answers to prayer, enlargement of our hearts in duty, and the firstfruits of his Spirit—these are tokens of his love.  (4.) He will indulge and spare us.  He does not punish us as he might (Psa. 103:10).  We often do that which merits wrath and grieves God’s Spirit, yet God passes by much and spares us.  He did not spare his natural Son, and yet he spares his adopted sons (Rom. 8:32).  (5.) He will honour us on the last day.  In this world we are often maligned and misrepresented.  If Satan cannot defile God’s children, he will disgrace them.  God will one day declare their innocence and roll away their reproach, and cause their names to shine forth.  Every prayer, every service, every work of love, shall be openly declared before men and angels (Matt. 25:35-36).



Biblical Theology


Lovers of theology, and particularly of the Puritans, will welcome this English translation of John Owen’s Latin writings. The major portion of this volume is a history of theology from Adam to Christ. Owen characterizes evangelical theology as a gift of the Holy Spirit generating faith in Christ, holiness through Christ, and worship of Christ.


Appendixed to this important work is Owen’s Defense of Scripture against Modern Fanaticism, which is a defense of the authority and proper interpretation of the Bible against the subjectivism of his day.


“Published in Latin in 1661 as a contribution to international Reformed scholarship, this treatise draws on a very wide range of learning. The final part, in particular, where Owen characterizes evangelical theology as a gift of the Holy Spirit generating faith in Christ, holiness through Christ, and worship of Christ, is pure gold. To have it now – at last! – in English is a great boon. Those with a taste for Owen, or for theology, or (best of all) for both, will read this Puritan proto-Biblical Theology with joy.”

– J.I. Packer

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