January 20


The Spirit himself bears witness with our spirit that we are children of God, Romans 8:16


The Spirit of holiness in us is God’s seal upon us signifying that we are his.  He is the earnest of the glory to come.  Great care must now be taken to make him the principle of all our operations and to obey him and follow his movements, as he leads you into communion with God.  Be sure you do not mistake the movings of the Holy Spirit with those of Satan or your own passions, pride or fleshly wisdom.  The Spirit of God is only for heavenly wisdom, and not for foolish or treacherous craftiness.  He is the Spirit of love, unity, meekness, patience, and holiness.  He moves us to be conformed to Christ.  This is a sure test of his identity.  He works in us to perfect our sanctification and obedience.  Unprofitable trifles, despair, painful distractions and disturbances of mind make us unfit for duty, and drive us from God.  These are not the influences of the Spirit of God.  The Spirit of God draws our hearts to him, makes us spiritual and godly, and is ever for God’s glory.  When you are sure it is the Spirit of God indeed that is knocking at your door, do not behave as if you did not hear. (1)  Obey him speedily: delay is a temporary unthankful refusal and a kind of denial.  (2.)  Obey him thoroughly:  half-obedience is disobedience.  Do not put him off as Ananias did in only giving half of what is required.  (3.)  Obey him constantly:  not harkening to him sometimes, and more frequently neglecting him.  Do not neglect the means which the Spirit has appointed for your help.  Pray, meditate, hear, read, do your best, and expect his blessing.  Though your ploughing and sowing will not give a harvest without the sun, and rain, and the blessing of God, yet the sun and rain will not bring a crop unless you plough and plant.


A Father’s Gift: Lessons from Proverbs


Many young parents today are beside themselves with anxieties about their children, and, sadly, confusion too about how to nurture them. The ongoing addiction of our times to the heresy of modernity and its proud rejection and ignorance of the tested and tried wisdom of the past, inevitably leads to dysfunction in home and family life. Sadly, the older, wiser counsel of God’s Word, and especially of the book of Proverbs, is unknown or neglected. Yet Proverbs was composed specifically as a manual for home and family instruction, and to prepare us for life in the world. It is a divinely given handbook to help parents.


Proverbs and Ken Wingate following them shows us the way to possess the jewel of all jewels in a well-adorned life: wisdom that is rooted in the knowledge of, and reverential love for, God. Here is true wisdom that will prove to be worth its weight in gold in every age and culture. Ken Wingate now brings it into our needy culture, and I for one am grateful to him for sharing his gift as a father with other fathers and mothers, and sons and daughters too.


Here then is a book for parents to read on their own; for teenagers to read on their own; for parents and teenagers, who are willing to take the family challenge, to read round the table after dinner or on other occasions. It points us to Gods way. It promises us God’s grace. What could be better for us than that?

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