July 3

Say not, “Why were the former days better than these?”
For it is not from wisdom that you ask this.
Ecclesiastes 7:10

When people are ungrateful to us, we often start complaining, “Things are worse now than they ever were.”  But we shouldn’t talk like this.  Elderly people tend to say, “When I was a child, everything was better.”  They are the “people who praise the days gone by,” as one poet calls them.  But the author of Ecclesiastes says this isn’t true.  Things never really went that well.  We only realize how bad things are now because as we grow older, the number of things that annoy us also increases.

Children don’t pay much attention to news about someone deceiving or murdering someone else. They keep on playing, running and riding.  They think it’s the worst thing in the world when someone steals another’s marbles.  Only then do they become angry.  But when they become adults, they become sensitive to the troubles and disloyalty of people around them.  They get angry when a horse breaks a leg, when the cattle don’t fatten properly, and so on.

The world has always been filled with troubles, but we haven’t always been aware of them all.  When we were children, nothing bothered us.  Our lives remained relatively calm.  But the world has always been wicked.  Therefore, make sure that you have a quiet and peaceful heart.  Don’t become upset when you see these evils. Though you can’t change the world, make sure you are changed into a new person.

Martin Luther: A Man Who Changed the World

A 2005 Gold Medallion finalist!

Martin Luther served as a catalyst of the Protestant Reformation in sixteenth-century Europe. This book teaches children about his fascinating life, influence, and teaching while encouraging them to see how God uses them in His kingdom today.

Children learn the historic background to a significant time in the church. They discover that, like Martin Luther, they can learn about the reality of Christ’s life and death on their behalf, His grace and mercy, and His desire for them as baptized, redeemed children of God.

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