October 21


That which is born of the flesh is flesh, and that which is born of the Spirit is spirit.   John 3:6


We can’t feel the new birth or the spiritual life with our five senses.  We can’t see it.  The spiritual life will endure, while the physical life will one day end.  Our lives on earth will eventually become like dust, which is blown away and never seen or felt again.  Then only the spiritual life will remain.  We will be raised from the dead and will come alive once again.

We can’t see or understand this spiritual birth.  We must simply believe it.  What is born of the Spirit is spiritual, and the primary benefit of this new birth is the forgiveness of sins and eternal life.  Nevertheless, Christians still have an eternal existence.  While they live here on earth, they are nurtured by a mother and father, eat and drink, wear clothes and shoes, have a house and garden, and own money and property.  They view all of this as if they were guests who were traveling thorough this land to another city – their true destination.  When they arrive there, they will no longer care about the places where they stayed along the way.  During the journey, they were always thinking, “Today, I am a guest.  Tomorrow, I will continue my trip.”  In the same way, a Christian also thinks, “Today, I am a guest on this earth.  I eat and drink here. I live honorably and modestly in this life.  But tomorrow, I’ll proceed on my way to an eternal life in the kingdom of heaven, where I am a citizen.”  So Christians also journey through this life.  When they come to the end of this life, they will let go of everything physical and enter a spiritual life that will never end.



Martin Luther: Bondage of the Will


The Bondage of the Will, Luther’s exposition on the doctrine of God’s sovereignty, laid the groundwork for Reformation thought. It shows us a humbling view of ourselves while strengthening our faith in Christ.


The Ambassador Classics series brings the greatest classic works of Christian history into a single set. It includes unabridged works by Martin Luther, John Bunyan, John Calvin, A. T. Pierson, John Owens, C. H. Spurgeon, Jonathan Edwards, J. C. Ryle, R. A. Torrey and many others. This series will continue to enrich and deepen your faith in Christ.


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