June 23


Put on the whole armor of God, that you may be able to stand against the schemes of the devil.   Ephesians 6:11



The devil is a very subtle enemy.  He knows the season he is most likely to succeed and displays his hellish skill of seduction in that season.  As in Egypt, he seeks the child upon the birth stool, when he is newly converted.  He also comes when a Christian is beset with some great affliction.  He is like a thief waiting in some blind alley to attack his victim.  The army waits until the castle is pinched for provisions to seek a parley.  He also attacks during some notable enterprise for God’s glory.  He becomes a serpent in the way to bite at the horse’s heels.  The more public your position and the more eminent your service for God, the more dangerous is Satan’s design against you.  Another season of advance is when he has some object or opportunity to enforce his temptation.  He takes Eve when she is near the tree.  When the tree is in view the force of the temptation doubles.  It is much easier to tempt when he has the presence of an object to excite the lust that lies dormant in the heart.  If the Christian lets the object of temptation draw near, Satan anticipates that his scheme will soon be effective.  Therefore, if it is our desire not to yield to sin, we must not walk by or sit at the door of the occasion.  Do not look with a wandering eye at the beauty by which you would be taken captive.  Do not parley in your thoughts with that which you do not wish to also take into your heart.  Also, a season of temptation is at the hour of death when the saint is prostrate in bodily strength.  The coward Satan falls upon the weak for he knows he has but a short time.  He strains with all of his wit and wiles as the saint is stepping into eternity.  If he cannot hinder your arrival in heaven, at least he will bruise you with pain as you enter.



Biblical Theology


Lovers of theology, and particularly of the Puritans, will welcome this English translation of John Owen’s Latin writings. The major portion of this volume is a history of theology from Adam to Christ. Owen characterizes evangelical theology as a gift of the Holy Spirit generating faith in Christ, holiness through Christ, and worship of Christ.


Appendixed to this important work is Owen’s Defense of Scripture against Modern Fanaticism, which is a defense of the authority and proper interpretation of the Bible against the subjectivism of his day.


“Published in Latin in 1661 as a contribution to international Reformed scholarship, this treatise draws on a very wide range of learning. The final part, in particular, where Owen characterizes evangelical theology as a gift of the Holy Spirit generating faith in Christ, holiness through Christ, and worship of Christ, is pure gold. To have it now – at last! – in English is a great boon. Those with a taste for Owen, or for theology, or (best of all) for both, will read this Puritan proto-Biblical Theology with joy.”

– J.I. Packer


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