November 24


Praise the LORD! Blessed is the man who fears the LORD,  who greatly delights in his commandments!  His offspring will be mighty in the land; the generation of the upright will be blessed.  Psalm 112:1-2


Why will the descendants of God-fearing people become mighty in the land?  They will become mighty because they have God’s blessing.  God will bless their children and grandchildren.  Even if they don’t have a penny right now, they will get what they need at the right time.  Even if the whole world is hungry, they will have enough.  In another psalm we read, “In the days of famine they will enjoy plenty” (Psalm 37:19).  David said, “I have never seen the righteous forsaken or their children begging bread” (v. 25).  Even when times get bad, the descendants of a God-fearing person will always have what they need.

Which situation would you prefer?  Do you want to have a lot of money and property but be s greedy that you never use the cash, constantly look for more money, hoard what you have, and never find happiness?  Or would you rather have no money but be so happy and peaceful that you trust in God and never doubt that he will provide for you?

Greedy people have the feeling that they can’t use what they have.  A man who has ten thousand dollars might say, “I have to keep this for my children, but what will I use to buy food?”  He acts like a poor person because he doesn’t want to use what he has.  Christians, on the other hand, don’t hoard things this way.  They store up their treasures with God in heaven (Matthew 6:20; Luke 12:33-34).  Christians say, “Dear Lord, I know that you have so much that you’ll never run out of anything.  So I will never be in need.  I want you to be my cabinet and pantry.  You are my treasure.   When I have you, I have enough.”


Martin Luther: A Man Who Changed The World


A 2005 Gold Medallion finalist!


Martin Luther served as a catalyst of the Protestant Reformation in sixteenth-centuryEurope. This book teaches children about his fascinating life, influence, and teaching while encouraging them to see how God uses them in His kingdom today.


Children learn the historic background to a significant time in the church. They discover that, like Martin Luther, they can learn about the reality of Christ’s life and death on their behalf, His grace and mercy, and His desire for them as baptized, redeemed children of God.

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