February 17


Oh how I love your law!
It is my meditation all the day.  Psalm 119:97


Faith can do so much for you.  It is not enough to be healed of your disease, unless you also take up your bed and walk.  O the life of grace which I have seen in some!  Their meat and drink is to do the will of God.  One might say, ‘Though I am not pestered and mastered by any reigning corruption, yet I find myself dull and take no great pleasure in spiritual things.  Prayer, meditation, and enjoyment of the Lord’s day is as easy as iron swimming.’  But nothing is impossible to faith.  Faith can transform these things to be natural for you.  David came to delight in God’s service.  He loved the commandments of God more than gold, and they were sweeter to him than honeycomb.  He rose at midnight to meditate in the things of his God.  The natural man may carry out many of these duties, but not from a heart of faith.  Faith makes them go smoothly and makes our yoke light and easy (Isa. 40:31).  Faith draws nourishment from the root of Christ.  This taught David to fight, and Paul to preach.  Faith draws out the fullness of his grace.  Faith enables us to be as meek as Moses, patient as Job, and as zealous as David.  Comfort your soul in the Lord and seek his favour through faith.  Think about your union with him and the troubles he will remove from you.  Consider the graces you need and ask for your portion as Caleb (Judg. 1:14).  Follow this instruction daily and as the Spirit gives direction.  I do not promise perfection, yet as you grow from faith to faith, you will grow from strength to strength in his graces, till by degrees you will attain to the fullness of maturity in Christ.  You shall become a saint upon the earth.  You will be a light in this dark world.  You shall become a saint upon the earth.  You will be a light in this dark world.  You shall be able to live in holiness and righteousness all the days of your life with much more comfort to yourself and credit to the gospel.



A Quest for Godliness: The Puritan Vision of the Christian Life



Dr. Packer has had a long-standing passion for the Puritans. Their understanding of God and His ways with man has largely formed his own spirituality and theological outlook. In A Quest for Godliness, the esteemed author of Knowing God and a dozen other books shares with his readers the rich world of Puritanism that has been so influential in his own life.


Dr. Packer masterfully uncovers the hidden treasures of Puritan life and thought. With crystalline clarity he reveals the depth and breadth of Puritan spiritual life, contrasting it with the superficiality and deadness of modern Western Christianity.


Drawing on a lifetime of study, Dr. Packer takes the reader on a survey of the lives and teachings of great Puritan leaders such as John Owen, Richard Baxter, and Jonathan Edwards. He offers a close look at such subjects as the Puritan view of the Bible, spiritual gifts, the Sabbath, worship, social action, and the family. He concludes that a main difference between the Puritans and ourselves is spiritual maturity–the Puritans had it; we don’t.


In a time of failing vision and decaying values, this powerful portrait of Puritans is a beacon of hope that calls us to radical commitment and action when both are desperately needed.


A Quest for Godliness is a profoundly moving and challenging exploration of Puritan life and thought in a beautifully written book. Here is J. I. Packer at his very best.

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