March 3


Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewal of your mind, that by testing you maydiscern what is the will of God, what is good and acceptable and perfect. Romans 12:2


The Christian is to proclaim and initiate an irreconcilable was against his choice sins.  Those nearest his heart must now be trampled under his feet.  This takes great courage and resolution.  O how a lust will plead for itself!  Satan pleads: ‘Is it not just a little one, O spare it!’  He will flatter the soul with the secrecy of it: ‘You can have it, and your honour also.’  If this does not work, Satan will try to get you to wait just a little while for its execution.  Do not be deceived by this strategy.  Most lusts that have received a delay in execution will eventually obtain a full pardon and regain full favour with your soul..  It takes great resolution to break through such violent pleading and bring your lusts to full execution.  We must walk with a single purpose, without an eye on the world’s glitter.  We must stand fixed to heaven’s principles and so prove our citizenship in heaven by our faithfulness to the truth.  This can bring snares, dangers, and mockings.  It takes courage to despise the shame that a Christian must expect to meet with.  It is a great honour for a Christian when all his enemies can say is that he is faithful and will not do as we do.  A cowardly heart will find all kinds of reasons to retreat from duty.  Since the Christian has so great a danger he needs to be locked well into his saddle, or he will soon be dismounted.  The Christian must stay on his course to heaven even when his way is blasphemed because of false professors and apostates.  We need to bear up I holy resolution against such discouragements.  Joshua stood against the whole camp of Israel who turned their hearts back to Egypt.  With an undaunted spirit he maintained his integrity, and claimed he was resolved to serve the ord though others would not join him.


Fear of God


In 1961, A.W. Tozer wrote in The Knowledge of the Holy that the way some Christians think about God is sinful. Dr. Arnold Frank, in The Fear of God: A Forgotten Doctrine confirms that the 21st century church, in the pew as well as the pulpit, continues to regard God as impotent and irrelevant in other words, without godly fear. As such, Dr. Frank, with a theologian’s skill and a pastor’s heart, walks us through the Scriptures, letting the Word of God speak about the fear of God.


In addition to clear, biblical exposition, Dr. Frank also weaves in the wise and timeless counsel of the Puritans to help us see how the fear of God is a most needed and practical doctrine.


Do you approach God with a godly fear? The Fear of God: A Forgotten Doctrine will be a skillful and gracious reminder of how we should regard the holy, sovereign Creator.




“The biblical concept of the fear of God is too often marginalized or ignored by the Christian church and its preachers today. The result is shallow views of sin, easy belief, and antinomianism. With the aid of Puritan preachers, Arnold Frank sounds a clarion call for a biblical and sure approach to the fear of God.” Joel Beeke (President, Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary)

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