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Daily Devotional 1

Daily Devotional: Believe in the Lord Jesus, and You Will be Saved.

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February 14


And they said, “Believe in the Lord Jesus, and you will be saved, you and your household.”  Acts 16:31


Are you at the door of salvation?  You struggle as to whether you have faith or not.  You want to come to the light but seem to struggle to do so.  Why not go ahead and come out of the darkness and into the land of the living?  Allow faith to do her perfect work in you, and to form Christ in your heart.  Would you believe, but you realize you have been a sinner?  Christ came to save sinners.  O you say, but my sins are scandalous!  Did not Christ say ‘All things are possible for one who believes?’ (Mark 9:23).  Are not all your faults easily pardonable by infinite mercy?  Did not his blood wash David’s bloody sin as snow.  Did Christ come from heaven to cure only small scars and cuts?  Are not the deep, long-standing, and serious wounds included?  O take heed, take your eyes off yourself and look upon Christ.  No matter how deadly your sting, believing you shall be cured and live.  Take heed of pride that comes in the clothes of humility.  Peter, will you not allow Christ’s precious hand to wash your foul feet?  Was not Jesus well pleased with the humble Canaanite woman who accepted the term ‘dog’, and was willing to eat crumbs from the master’s table?  It is high pride not to come when called.  Faith is obedience.  You might desire to do good works, and then come.  You feel you will be welcome with your payment.  He bids you come without silver.  Let your money perish!  Did Christ exact restitution from Zacchaeus?  Did Paul bid the jailer to become a new man to believe?  No!  Belief comes, then reformation.  Swim out of these weeds, and lay hold on Christ.  Set before your eyes Christ and his promise to receive all who truly desire the price of his blood.  Study, strive, and endeavor to believe.  Today is salvation offered.  Step from death to life, and write this day your birthday.  By faith you are made a son of God for ever.


A Father’s Gift: Lessons from Proverbs


Many young parents today are beside themselves with anxieties about their children, and, sadly, confusion too about how to nurture them. The ongoing addiction of our times to the heresy of modernity and its proud rejection and ignorance of the tested and tried wisdom of the past, inevitably leads to dysfunction in home and family life. Sadly, the older, wiser counsel of God’s Word, and especially of the book of Proverbs, is unknown or neglected. Yet Proverbs was composed specifically as a manual for home and family instruction, and to prepare us for life in the world. It is a divinely given handbook to help parents.


Proverbs and Ken Wingate following them shows us the way to possess the jewel of all jewels in a well-adorned life: wisdom that is rooted in the knowledge of, and reverential love for, God. Here is true wisdom that will prove to be worth its weight in gold in every age and culture. Ken Wingate now brings it into our needy culture, and I for one am grateful to him for sharing his gift as a father with other fathers and mothers, and sons and daughters too.


Here then is a book for parents to read on their own; for teenagers to read on their own; for parents and teenagers, who are willing to take the family challenge, to read round the table after dinner or on other occasions. It points us to Gods way. It promises us God’s grace. What could be better for us than that?


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  • telson

    The blood, death, resurrection and the redemption of the Lord Jesus is the requirement to forgiveness of sins. The Bible says that repentance and remission of sins should be preached in the Lord Jesus’ name among all nations.

    If you repent your sins and believe on the Lord Jesus, so God forgiven your sins and gives participation in the eternal life with Him. The Bible says: If we confess our sins, He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins, and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.

    Repentance contains also the thought and act to forsake sins and changing the life according to the will of God. The Bible says: For with the heart man believes to righteousness; and with the mouth confession is made to salvation. That means to live publicly as Jesus’ disciples obeying the word of God.

    When you have received the salvation in the Lord Jesus by grace of God, the Bible says you that God delivered you from the power of darkness, and has translated you into the Kingdom of his dear Son. In whom you have redemption through the blood of the Lord Jesus, and the forgiveness of sin.

    You have got forgiveness of sins for the sake that Jesus lived holy life for you; fulfilling the law for you; Jesus poured out His blood for you in the Calvary; Jesus died on the cross for you; Jesus resurrected to His Father, because He had fulfilled your salvation operation on the earth.

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