September 27


For the law was given through Moses; grace and truth came through Jesus Christ.  John 1:17


John wanted to make a point about God’s laws when he said, “The law was given through Moses; grace and truth came through Jesus Christ.”  It’s as if he wanted to say:  “The laws given through Moses are laws that lead to life, righteousness, and everything else that is good.  But much more was attained through Christ.  He came and filled our empty hands.  He fulfilled the demands of God’s laws.  He brought God’s grace and truth.

Christ enabled us to keep the first, second, and third commandments.  In this way, we came to trust and have faith in God as our Father.  We began to praise him with a cheerful heart and regard his name as holy.

Where did all this kindness come from?  We certainly didn’t do anything to deserve it.  None of our good works performed in obedience to God’s laws earned it.  Instead, it came from being enlightened by the Holy Spirit, being renewed by the Word of God, and having faith in Christ.  Through these, we have received a new spirit that makes God’s Word and God’s laws a pleasure to obey.  Now we find joy in trusting God above everything else.  We feel that we can do it.  We have made a new beginning and have already learned the basics.  The grace that Christ has given us through faith makes the first commandment a pleasure to obey.



Martin Luther: Bondage of the Will


The Bondage of the Will, Luther’s exposition on the doctrine of God’s sovereignty, laid the groundwork for Reformation thought. It shows us a humbling view of ourselves while strengthening our faith in Christ.


The Ambassador Classics series brings the greatest classic works of Christian history into a single set. It includes unabridged works by Martin Luther, John Bunyan, John Calvin, A. T. Pierson, John Owens, C. H. Spurgeon, Jonathan Edwards, J. C. Ryle, R. A. Torrey and many others. This series will continue to enrich and deepen your faith in Christ.

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