February 02


“The LORD is my portion,” says my soul,
“therefore I will hope in him.”   Lamentations 3:24


Our God is a suitable portion.  No object is as suitable to the heart as he is.  He is a portion that is exactly suited to the condition of the soul in its desires, needs, wants, longings and prayers.  All the soul needs is found in God.  There is light to enlighten the soul, wisdom to counsel the soul, power to support the soul, goodness to supply the soul, mercy to pardon the soul, beauty to delight the soul, glory to ravish the soul, and fullness to fill the soul.  Health is not more suitable to a sick man, wealth to a poor man, bread to a hungry man, drink to a thirsty man, clothes to a naked man, balm to a wounded man, ease to a tormented man, and pardon to a condemned man, than this portion is to all the needs of man. No earthly portion can suit an immortal soul.  It is capable of union and communion with God.  It enjoys God now, and in all eternity hereafter.  A large shoe will not fit a little foot or a large sail a little ship.  No more will any earthly portion suit an immortal soul.  The soul is the beauty of man, the wonder of angels, and the envy of devils.  Nothing can satisfy the soul without God.  The soul is so high that all the riches of the East Indies,, rocks of diamonds, and mountains of gold are unable to fill it, satisfy it, or suit it.  When a man is in prison, and condemned to die, if one should come to him, and tell him that there is such a friend or relation that has left him a very fair estate, this would not please him or cause him joy, because it does not suit his present condition.  O but now, let a man bring him his pardon, sealed under his princes’ hand, how will this delight him ad cause him to rejoice!  The highest good is that which is the most suited to do good to the soul.  God is thus the most excellent portion suitable to the soul.


Daily Prayer and Praise


The Psalms are not only to be used in church but at home. They were individual songs before they became a means of congregational prayer and praise. Will not their sincere and regular use by individuals and families contribute to greater awe and joy in the church’s worship of the Triune God?

In these volumes Henry Law divides the Psalter into easily managed portions for each day. He plumbs the depths of the believer’s soul and soars at the wonder of Christ’s identification with his people.

Price includes both Volume 1 and 2.

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