I was just reading an article concerning some teeth found in a cave in Italy and some found at a site in England.  The article actually focused on the dating of the teeth and the implications on the arrival of modern man in Europe. But there was a particular statement that caught my attention.  It was in reference to a pair of infant teeth discovered in an Italian cave known as the Grotta del Cavallo.

The research team from the University of Vienna had the teeth radiocarbon dated at the Oxford Radiocarbon Accelerator Unit in England.  According to the lab’s findings, the teeth were dated to 43,000 to 45,000 years ago.  The dates got the team all excited because that meant modern humans arrived in Europe several thousand years earlier than previously thought.

Of course I don’t accept their dates for the teeth as radiocarbon dating is based upon a number of assumptions that are also based on the grand assumption of millions of years.

However the statement that got my attention was:

We worked with two independent methods: for the one, we measured the thickness of the tooth enamel, and for the other, the general outline of the crown.  By means of micro-computed tomography it was possible to compare the internal and external features of the dental crown. The results clearly show that the specimens from Grotta del Cavallo were modern humans, not Neanderthals as originally thought.

If I read this right, these scientists determined whether or not this infant was a modern human or a Neanderthal based upon the shape and features of the cusps, crowns, enamel and internal morphology of the tooth.  Oh how I wish I had access to a number of teeth from what they classify as Neanderthal and from modern humans (their terms, not mine.)

My dentist is a Bible believing young earth creationist.  Several years ago when he was working on my teeth, we got into a discussion about teeth and how different they are from one person to another.  My teeth have very thick enamel along with very strong curved roots.  My wife’s teeth have relatively thin enamel with some straight and some curved roots.

In our discussion, I asked him how easy it would be to identify each tooth from someone he had never met and tell from where in the mouth they came from.  He said he could tell without too much difficulty for most teeth, but some would be more difficult than others.  He went on to explain that teeth can vary widely from one individual to the next.  They can vary in overall size, thickness of enamel, root structure, the shape and size of the cusps and crowns and internally as well.  He said that people with real thick enamel like what I have, will have a smaller internal chamber than someone with thinner enamel like my wife has.

I then asked him if he had ever read or studied any of the reports about the teeth of the supposed human ancestors including Neanderthal.  He said he had studied the reports on Neanderthal teeth and he told me that they fit into the realm of diversity found in our teeth today.  Their size, shape and structure are no more different than your teeth are to the guy down the street from you.

So when I read a report like this that claims to positively rule out the possibility of teeth, like those found in the Grotta del Cavallo as being Neanderthal, is suspect and reveals more about personal motives and prejudices behind the interpretations made by the reporting scientists.


Modern Man Arrived in Europe Earlier than Previously Thought, Red Orbit Nov 2, 2011.

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