Swimming upstream is not easy—just ask a salmon. Why not just lazily drift along with the current? “Going with the flow” looks much more attractive and is certainly much more popular. Why struggle so much? That’s an important question for a salmon, who must battle its way sometimes hundreds of miles against strong currents in order to reach its spawning grounds.

Is it ever wrong to just “go with the flow” and fail to act? Do we sometimes have a moral obligation to take action, even if it means swimming against the prevailing current?

Yes. Otherwise, we may be guilty of what is known as “culpable passivity,” because in certain circumstances the failure to act is inexcusably wrong, both legally and morally. In legal matters, culpable passivity mostly involves wronging the rights of others. But for Christians, in matters involving the character and revelation of God, culpable passivity can involve directly wronging the rights of God Himself.

Biblical apologetics is all about swimming upstream, challenging the status quo that routinely denigrates God and His Word. Unbiblical teachings about God’s relationship to His creation are both aggressive and ubiquitous. Christians around the world who resolutely honor the Word of God are frequently put on trial for their unwavering faith. How their courage shames those who would prefer to simply “go with the flow” and listen to the voices of “experts” who boisterously brag of their “science” (falsely so-called) as they refuse to honor God as Creator….

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