Those who embrace Theistic Evolution or Progressive Creationism accept the following evolutionary timescale of creation:

About 16 billion years ago the universe came into being out of a big bang. Then, about 4.billion years ago the earth evolved. About 3.5 billion years ago life evolved on earth. Finally, humans evolved from ape-like creatures 1-2 million years ago.

Basically, the Theistic Evolution worldview is based on the acceptance of the current big bang theory and resultant stellar evolution of galaxies and planets, then biological evolution. In other words the big bang was initiated by God and then everything was left to natural processes. In terms of interpreting the scientific data, evolutionists and theistic evolutionists believe the current theories set forth by the evolution model. Therefore the Theistic Evolution worldview is a compromise because the Bible cannot be taken as the literal word of God. The creation days must be accepted as long periods of time.

Progressive Creationism also accepts the evolutionary time scale, big bang, stellar evolution, life on earth evolving up to pre-adamic apemen. The progressive creationist professes to believe in God, and believe in Jesus Christ as Savior; however, when it comes to science they accept the current evolutionary theory. Thus they deny the literal Bible account of creation, saying the stars and sun evolved out of the big bang, so the earth started out as a fiery mass, not as water and land, the stars and sun must have been created before the earth, and the birds could not have been created before the reptiles because the birds supposedly evolved from bird ancestors. They also deny the literal six days of creation and take each day as billions of years to accommodate the supposed evolutionary time scale.

Thus Progressive Creationism, in an attempt to appease the scientific community, denies what God clearly says in Genesis 1-11 and Exodus 20:11, and what Jesus affirmed in the New Testament about creation. Do you want to put your faith in the Bible, which is unchanging, or in the latest theories of science that continually change.

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