The conference ‘Creation and contemporary science in 2010’, jointly organized by the organizations Solas and Temelios (see box), was held on the campus of the Žilina University in Žilina, northern Slovakia, from Friday 28 to Sunday 30 August. I had the privilege of attending and speaking at this, the second in the series, organized annually.

I spoke mostly on topics concerning worldviews in relation to the cosmos, the big bang, the biblical creation of the cosmos and the starlight–travel-time issue. How we view the universe depends integrally on our own worldview, which determines what we are prepared to believe as evidence and therefore how we interpret what we see. Spectral lines are interpreted as evidence for an expanding universe, but even though I think that is likely (and is quite compatible with Genesis creation—whether or not the expansion is continuing) there is no independent way to prove that as fact….

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