How can the Church fulfil the Great Commission and preach the Gospel to the world’s population, which now numbers over 5.7 billion people and is increasing by a quarter of a million every day? This question is especially relevant in view of the rise in nationalism, and the increase in evolutionary indoctrination in all countries today, as well as in the Church itself, all of which affects the interest of Christians in traditional missionary work.

It would seem that God has raised up missionary radio—at this crucial time in the latter half of the twentieth century— so that the Gospel can cross international borders now closed to missionaries and reach the hearts and minds of people who have no other way of hearing the message about the Creator God and His Saviour Son, Jesus Christ.

The ionosphere—God’s provision for missionary radio

The earth has a fascinating feature, without which global missionary radio would be impossible.

Radio waves travel in straight lines. They can encircle the earth because they are reflected to the ground or the ocean from a layer in the atmosphere called the ionosphere, and thence from the ground or the ocean back to the ionosphere, and so on (depending on their strength), around the earth. Without the ionosphere, long-distance radio transmission, including missionary broadcasts, for most of this century would not have been possible….

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