Millions of years ago, evolutionists will tell you, many chemicals were swirling around in lifeless seas (or ponds, or puddles) here on earth.  Methane gas was in the atmosphere being bombarded with cosmic rays from outer space, and powerful lightning bolts arced through the skies, lighting up the desolate landscape.  Given enough time, cosmic rays, and lightning bolts, a “primordial soup” gradually formed which contained amino acids.  These in turn got hooked together to form simple proteins, the “building blocks” of life.  At some point these proteins happened to get connected in just the right way, and a threshold was crossed:  the proteins started reproducing themselves, and simple life was “born”.

During uncounted eons, this simple life gradually became more and more complex as chance modifications of the original proteins combined with external conditions of moisture, temperature, food supply, etc., to eventually produce all the varied and complex life forms inhabiting first the oceans, then the land, and finally the air, that we see today.  Homo sapiens is seen as the topmost branch in the evolutionary tree of life, but the tree is still growing, and who knows what the next branches will look like?…

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