CMI’s Dr Jonathan Sarfati and Lita Cosner help some correspondents through some misconceptions of biblical creation and the assurance of salvation believers have.

W.K. from the United States writes, and Dr Jonathan Sarfati responds, with his comments interspersed:

Dear Mr K.

Thank you for writing to CMI. As most of the questions are already addressed on our site, I will be fairly brief and refer you to the articles for more information.

I watch your TV specials and they are interesting but very much limit the power of our God.

I’m not sure how you deduce that. We teach that our God is omnipotent, or unlimited in power. Furthermore, we believe that He certainly has the power to tell us what He did and when He did it, as He did in Genesis. Many of our detractors are, in effect, denying His ability to teach us.

I am an engineer who studied Darwin’s theories and read some old theories on the formation of the earth. For instance the best way to refute the presumably old existence of the stars and galaxies is to realize that God created these but at the same time created the light beams that extended into our solar system.

We are aware of this idea but disagree, since this would appear to make God a deceiver: light beams that give pictures of stars and sequences of events which by this theory do not exist yet. Our Creation Answers Book chapter on “distant starlight” explains this and more.

For instance I have yet to see any Christian presentations which address the discovery of animals frozen in glaciers in Northern altitudes….

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