This week’s feedback features a testimony from Jeremy H. from Australia about how the creationist cosmologies of Dr Russ Humphreys and Prof. John Hartnetthelped him see the truth of Genesis. Gary Bates also responds to some comments about addressing UFO believers.

Jeremy H. from Australia gave us his testimony:

Hello CMI,

I just wanted to thank you guys for your ministry. Holding firm to the Bible as well as being thorough and accurate in the science you perform.

As a recent chemistry/forensic science graduate I was at first intimidated about entering the work force; in case it was like University (like evolution being shoved down throats in my few biology classes).

But soon after starting in my current job I found out that two of the other young scientists are also Christians and one led me to your site, which has been very helpful.

One such area was the cosmologies which have been published on your site, by I believe Russell Humphreys and John Hartnett. Though I may not have understood all the physics in these articles, the general concepts were evident enough. I always believed in a plain understanding of Genesis, but never really had an explanation for visible starlight; besides God made the place, so he just speed up the light to us or something.

Your feedback articles are always good to read, because it is quite possible that these same questions may get thrown at me and other Christian Scientists during our working lives. It is commendable that maybe like 99% (who else likes throwing out random statistics!) of the feedback’s I’ve read to detractors and the like are courteous, accurate, etc. Understandably the sheer volume of negative/denigrating/etc. emails you surely get can wear down patience.

I sincerely thank you for the work that is done here and just quietly wish for less technical biology articles and more technical chemistry articles!


Jeremy H.

PS. I also just don’t understand how people can still believe in the big bang. Though I guess when God spoke the universe into being he may have been shouting and hence a ‘big bang’! But seriously now, since when has anybody seen an explosion create anything, let alone the complexity seen in our universe. Too bad we can’t just explode all of the garbage dumps and get lots of useful stuff out of it! (I’ll stop my ranting now heh) Thanks again for your ministry….

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