Over the past 25 weeks we have been looked at the various parts of the so-called Simple Cell.  For your convenience I am listing each week’s article below along with the link to that article.  You may wish to bookmark today’s article for this valuable reference.

This will be the last installment in this series.  Next week I hope to start a new series on the human body.  In that series we will look at the various systems, organs and special features of the human body that clearly demonstrate that we were wondrously designed by an infinite Creator God.

From the beginning of this series we have seen that nothing in the cell just floats about nor is anything left to random chance.  Each and every structure of the cell has a specific purpose with many of them having multiple functions.  We saw that the cell has its own infrastructure much like a city. It has its boundaries, streets and transportation system, an internal and external communication system, a manufacturing complex, a central processing center, and a waste disposal system.  In the vast majority of instances, all of these complex systems perform far more efficiently than anything man has yet to construct.

Also realize that in many of the installments of this series, we only skimmed the surface of the structures studied.  There are volumes published on the details that we have omitted.  Just imagine then if what we saw was only a sampling of the complexity of the cell, how much more there is left to learn.  The complexity of the cell is so vast that it is incomprehensible to many.  New discoveries are being made on a regular basis.  The more powerful microscopes get the more intricately woven detail we see.

Truly the cell is far from simple and is a testimony to our awesome Creator God.

To the King of ages, immortal, invisible, the only God, be honor and glory forever and ever.  Amen. 1 Timothy 1:17

The Simple Cell

The Simple Cell – A Problem for Evolution – Part One

The Simple Cell – Part Two – Molecular Membrane Miracles

Things Just Don’t Float Around – Simple Cell Part 3

Walking Molecules – Simple Cell – Part 4

FedEx of the Cell – Simple Cell – Part 5

Golgi Apparatus: Steel Industry of the Simple Cell – Part 6

Tupperware & Shipping Boxes of the Cell – Simple Cell Part 7

UPS and Garbage Trucks of the Cell – Simple Cell Part 8

Stomach, Garbage Disposal, Recycle Center & Immune Defense of the Cell – Simple Cell – Part 9

Jam and Jelly – Simple Cell – Part 10

Centrioles and Centrosomes – The Simple Cell – Part 11

Marvelous Mechanical Motor – The Simple Cell – Part 12

Photosynthesis – Simple Cell Part 13

Mitochondria—created to energize us – Simple Cell Part 14

Chloroplasts – Simple Cell Part 15

The Nucleus – Simple Cell Part 16

Nuclear Membrane – Simple Cell Part 17

Chromatin – Simple Cell Part 18

Nuclear Lamina – Simple Cell Part 19

Cell Division 1 – Simple Cell Part 20

Cell Division 2 – Simple Cell Part 21

The Many Faces of RNA – The Simple Cell Part 22

DNA: Instruction Manual of the Simple Cell – Part 23

The Nucleolus – Simple Cell Part 24

The Second Language of the Cell – Simple Cell Part 25

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