by RL David Jolly

The past few decades have been filled with the news of global warming and its devastating effects on planet earth and mankind.  Without some type of intervention, the earth’s climate will continue to heat up, the glaciers and polar ice caps will melt, causing the oceans to rise, which in turn will inundate all coastal cities in the world killing hundreds of millions of people.  Plant and animal life will be drastically affected and in time it could result in another major extinction event in evolutionary history.

There are also a fair number of scientists who believe the global warming warnings are more hype than fact.  They believe that it is being used for political and financial purposes that I won’t go into at this point.

But regardless of which side of the global warming fence you are on, it seems that scientists have discovered what could possibly be understood as the earth saving itself from excessive global warming.

Scientists at the University of Auckland, New Zealand, with the financial support of NASA, have been studying the upper cloud layers that surround the earth.  Their data covers the ten year period from March 2000 to February 2010.  What they discovered was that the upper cloud layers have lowered by 100 to 130 feet or 1% in the past ten years.

Analysis of the findings have led the scientists to believe that the lowering of the clouds could be in response to the effects of global warming and may in fact help to slow down those effects.  A lower cloud cover may actually help to create a more efficient cooling of the planet surface.  One of the scientists described it as a:

‘Negative feedback’ mechanism – a change caused by worldwide climate change that actually works to combat or counteract it.

When you take into consideration what the earth has gone through since God spoke it into existence a little over 6,000 years ago, it does not surprise me that there are built in mechanisms for it to survive until the final day of judgment.

When the Genesis flood occurred, there was a tremendous amount of heat and energy released into the atmosphere.  In Genesis 7:11 we are told:

In the six hundredth year of Noah’s life, in the second month, on the seventeenth day of the month, on that day all the fountains of the great deep burst forth, and the windows of the heavens were opened.

Most creation scientists believe that the fountains of the deep involved a huge amount of volcanic and tectonic activity, both of which would have caused the global temperatures to dramatically rise.  When the flood subsided and the oceans returned to their basins, there would still have been a large amount of heat residing in the waters.  Warm waters result in increased evaporation and increased evaporation results in higher humidity and water vapor in the atmosphere which would result in increased cloud cover.  The increased cloud cover and remaining aerosols and particles left the atmosphere from all of the volcanic activity would result in increased precipitation.  The land would have been much cooler than the seas so a significant portion of the precipitation would have fallen as snow and in the course of a couple hundred years, you have the one and only Ice Age.  Once the oceans have given off their extra heat, the evaporation rates return to normal, the Ice Age starts to reverse itself and the earth begins to warm back up.

Therefore, to learn that the clouds may be lowering as an offset of global warming does not surprise me in the least and even makes me stand in awe of our wonderful Creator and Designer of all life.

The Great Global Warming Debate DVD

Only the Bible can explain it! Former US Vice President Al Gore, Nature and Science magazines and the news media are all proclaiming that man is responsible for global warming. Their alarmist call to action is that we need to act now before the climate becomes uncontrollable and most of the world overheats. The cultural confusion is rampant. Atmospheric scientist, Michael Oard, examines the observed data and concludes that global warming is small. Natural processes are responsible for more than 50%, and that we have time for unbiased research.

About the Author: Scientist Michael Oard is retired after 30 years as a professional meteorologist and six years as a research meteorologist at the University of Washington. He has published several research articles in journals of the American Meteorological Association and numerous articles in creation periodicals, including CMI’s peer-reviewed Journal of Creation.

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