According to evolutionists, modern man appeared 200,000 years ago, but civilization appeared only 8,000 years ago. We examine their explanations.

An interesting question was asked on Quora and reproduced on “Why Haven’t We Found Civilizations Older Than 7,000 — 8,000 years?” Taking the bat was Adam Wu, an evolutionary neurosurgeon from Saskatchewan. Here’s a synopsis of his answers:

  1. Civilization requires Edenic conditions with a large food surplus to get started, but there was no such place.
  2. Farming can only produce a food surplus in a very narrow range of environmental conditions.
  3. Civilization also requires a minimum population density.
  4. Early modern humans were coming out of an Ice Age 200,000 years ago, so few places for civilization existed.
  5. Early modern humans were tall and strong, making hunting and gathering preferable to farming in places of low population density.
  6. A genetic bottleneck occurred about 60,000 years ago, possibly due to the Toba supervolcano.
  7. The Ice Age didn’t end until about 20,000 to 12,000 years ago.
  8. As the weather warmed and population grew, conflict and famine created more pressures for humans to “think about” civilization.

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