Big bang beginnings and days before the sun

Dr Carl Wieland answers some questions raised by Russell Grigg’s article Discovery Channel program: How the Universe Works.

Larry G. from the United States wrote in response to our article Discovery Channel program: How the Universe Works. Dr Carl Wieland’s comments are interspersed throughout.

This isn’t so much a comment as a question. I am not a scientist only an interested person as it were. Doesn’t the big bang or whatever term is used, imply that at some point in time everything began to exist?

Big Bang cosmology (BBc) seeks to extrapolate what is believed to be the current expansion of this space-matter-time universe backwards in time, using one solution of Einstein’s field equations. That would mean, if you keep going backwards, that there was a point where things began. But there is no reason to believe that one can legitimately make such an extrapolation. As you indicate below, the initiation of such an event is a mystery. But for Christians, there is a temptation to say “aha, let’s put God in there as the lighter of the fuse, and make the Big Bang His method of creation”. But in so doing, it ignores the huge biblical contradictions that arise. For example, the Bible teaches that the earth came 3 days before the sun, BBc has to have the sun existing millions of years before the earth—and it doesn’t end there. The book Dismantling the Big Bang is by John Hartnett, a creationist who is a research physics professor at the University of Western Australia, and the co-author is a popular science writer to help make it accessible to laypeople

Now it would appear to me that nobody knows for certain how that came about, since nobody was there; that is, none of us. But the mere idea or fact that something caused all of this to begin to exist is pretty huge….

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