This week’s Feed Back is answering a couple of questions we received this past week.  One deals with being a Christian and believing in evolution and the other will clarify a comment I made concerning the King James Bible.

From: Lou B.

I read this site regularly and would like to make a comment on some issues regarding evolution. How do I do this?

I will say that I believe in evolution I also believe that God created evolution and that anyone who does not believe this just does not have enough faith in the power of God. Believe this from the Start then there is no need for rationalization.



Many Christians believe in evolution and I do not question their faith in Jesus Christ, only their acceptance of compromise.  We have posted numerous articles that deal with the issue of no death before sin.  The Bible clearly teaches that Adam’s sin brought death into ALL of creation.  For evolution to be true, there had to be death prior to Adam’s sin which means that the Bible lies and since the Bible is the Word of God, that makes God a liar also.  That goes against the very nature of God and would make Him a sinner as well and how can a holy and righteous God be a sinful God at the same time?

If there had been millions of years of death before Adam, then how do you explain God’s statement at the end of Day 6 which said that everything was very good.  The Hebrew language used clearly indicates that the statement is all inclusive – in other words, man, animals, plants, earth and the entire universe were VERY GOOD.  If millions of years of death had existed prior to Gods statement, then death would also have been very good.  That being the case, why would God have used death as punishment for sin?  When He told Adam not to eat of the tree or he would die, Adam should have run right over to the tree and eaten if death were very good.  All through Scripture we are taught that death is the punishment for sin and it is even referred to as the last enemy.

If death were very good, then why did God require blood sacrifices for the remission of sins including the death of Jesus on the cross?  The belief that death had gone on for millions of years prior to Adam’s sin completely undermines the entire redemptive work on the Cross and the life, teachings, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ collapse with it and we are putting our faith in nothing more than a fairytale.

What’s sad is many of the ardent atheists understand the biblical teaching of no death before sin and its implications and use that against Christians to weaken and undermine their faith.  Once someone compromises on one part of Scripture, it’s like yeast permeating through a batch of dough and the whole thing eventually becomes compromised.

I can only hope and pray that you will understand the theological implications of believing in evolution and millions of years of death before sin.  I won’t even get into the scientific issues with evolution except to say that it defies all of the basic laws of physics, chemistry, biology and information.  Evolutionists firmly believe in these laws and yet they have to believe that every one of these laws were broken in order for evolution to have occurred.

From: C.J.

In your reply to ”Did God Re-create The Earth” you said that the 1611 AV was in error using the word ’replenish’ in Gen.1:28. According to Strong’s Concordance, Webster’s 1828 Dictionary and Wilson’s Old Testament Studies, the word ’replenish’ means ’to fill’ or ’to make complete’. Where would the error be? It’s important to know if one is correcting the bible.



Thank you for your inquiry about my statement concerning the word ‘replenish’ as used in Genesis 1:28 in the King James Bible.

Perhaps a better way of saying what I meant is that the translators of the King James Bible could have easily used the word ‘fill’ instead of replenish.  The King’s English of the day used both for the same thing.  Four hundred years later, the definition of the word ‘replenish’ has changed to mean to ‘re-fill’ instead of just ‘fill’.

Due to the more modern usage of the word, there are those that believe that God is telling us that there was a world that existed prior to Genesis 1:2 that became corrupt, God destroyed it in a global flood, and then He re-created and re-filled the earth with a whole new set of plants and animals.

They use the modern definition as a means of allowing them to compromise the Word of God by trying to work in millions of years into a gap that truly does not exist between Genesis 1:1 and 1:2.

I pray this helps to clarify my statement.  For more information on the Gap Theory, I recommend you check out the following articles:

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