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Christian Ministry in the Shadow of the Mosque [with video]

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Evidence of the vast changes that mark the American landscape come with a new report, The American Mosque 2011. The report was produced by a coalition of research centers and organizations under the direction of Ihsan Bagby of the University of Kentucky. The big finding is the explosive growth in the number of mosques in recent years. The report indicates that there were 2,106 mosques in America in 2011, up from 1,209 in the year 2000.

Other major findings:

  • Most mosques are in urban areas, but some are in suburban settings.
  • Over 75% of all American mosques were established since 1980.
  • Islam in America is ethnically diverse, including large numbers of South Asians, Arabs, and Africans, as well as African-Americans.
  • The largest number of mosques are found in California, New York, and Texas, but other states have surprising numbers — such as Alabama (31), Kentucky (27), and Mississippi (16).

Given the higher Muslim birthrate and continuing patterns of immigration, it is likely that the number of Muslims in America will continue to rise, along with the numbers of mosques.

All this represents a great challenge to American Christians, charged to love our neighbors and to share the Gospel with them. The indisputable fact is this: The appearance of so many mosques on the American landscape is a graphic reminder that our Great Commission calling has never been more challenging, or so urgent….

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  • Buck

    People need to get the word out that the religion of peace is only a religion of peace after they have murdered all people that haven’t or refused to convert . I am convinced that partly because of their violent bent and partly because of their reward of SEX for honoring their Allah that Allah is actually Satan and that muhammed was either duped by him or was truly Satans prophet .

    • Camel

      I am Lebanese. You are correct. My grandparents left for a reason. It was not milk and cookies. We are infidels and they have Obama and the left letting CAIR and the Muslim Brotherhood in. We will be a third world country and the muslims will have a piece of all of us. It is simple, Islam or die. Muslims may be peaceful, Islam and Mohammad are not. And Allah is not YHWH. See the difference in spelling. Joe is not Jacob, DaH! Thanks and YHWH bless

  • http://CreationRevolution Dr. Tom Comella

    One of my closest friends is also Lebanese and came to America after college and getting married. Now in his fifties, he is sick to the heart at what is transpiring here in America. He echoes exactly the same statements as Camel above.

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