This week’s feedback features a supporter from Canada, who asks some thoughtful questions regarding the pains of childbirth and human consciousness. CMI’s Dr Carl Wieland responds.

M.M. from Canada writes:


I recently just thought up of a philosophical/theological/scientific issue regarding childbirth. We know that in Genesis 3 God curses Eve with the pain of childbirth. This is what the issue will be about.

First of all, we are all aware that we are living in a very scientifically advanced world. Genetics has enabled us to understand how the human body works at a level never before seen. Genetics also birthed a field called genetic engineering, where there are plenty of opportunities to change how organisms function.

Well, we have heard of designer babies. They can (or will be able to soon, they claim) help parents choose whether they want a boy or a girl, height, eye color, etc.

Let’s go a step further and assume that 50 or 60 years from now, human genetic engineering has reached the level where things previously thought impossible are now possible.

What if some people decide they want their daughter to be genetically engineered in such a way as to make sure she feels no pain when she will give birth later in life.

Would this somehow “disprove” the Bible, if humanity managed to break away from the curse of pain during childbirth?

Thank you, and may God bless you.


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