This week Dr Jonathan Sarfati answers four different correspondents on many different topics, such as cavemen, Noah’s ark, plant evolution and origin-of-life experiments.

G.A.H. from Australia writes:

God bless you for your wonderful workSmilies

I have a query regarding the ark. It is obvious that the ark was not severely damaged as the flood waters were rising or during the flood itself. Are there any ideas on how this was possible? Could we consider an anchor, Gods protection or is there some other way? It would have started to float long before the waters would have risen so I was just wondering how it could have avoided damage.

God Bless you

In Christ – G

Dr Jonathan Sarfati responds:

Hi G

Thank you for the well wishes.

About the Ark, God provided Noah with ideal dimensions: it’s so long that it tends to align with wave direction thus avoiding most “breaching”, and it’s also much wider than it is tall. In fact, if the hull were only 30 cm (1 foot) thick, it could have withstood waves over 30 m (100 feet) high; damaging tsunamis rarely reach this height even when they finally break on-shore; out at sea they are usually only a few inches high. We are not told, but it’s plausible that Noah could have used cross-planking, so, like plywood, the walls and floor would be strong in all directions. Another labour-intensive but very solid method of boat building used mortise and tenon joints. Check out Safety investigation of Noah’s Ark in a seaway. Rod Walsh’s DVD on the Ark is most interesting as well.

Then of course we have the very important “God remembered Noah”, right at the centre of a giant chiastic Flood narrative (see Does Genesis hold up under critic’s scrutiny? for explanation). So although the Ark itself seems very solid on ordinary naturalistic grounds, God was also watching over it.

God bless you

Jonathan Sarfati

V.R. from Canada writes:

The Paleolithic/Caveman Diet is based on evolutionary assumptions. Have any creationist scientists critically analyzed this diet? If not, is it a topic someone would care to address?….

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