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Category: Theology

  • Christian Youth Leaders Must Teach Apologetics, Says Student Pastor

    Christian youth leaders need to teach teenagers and young adults the basics of apologetics in order to be able to defend their faith in a logical manner, says student pastor and writer Benjer McVeigh. McVeigh notes that even though youth … Continue reading

  • Darwinist professor gets ‘theological’ in the classroom

    For years, evolutionists have maintained almost total control over biology classrooms, dogmatically excluding the case for creation and presenting only biased, evolutionary interpretations of the facts. But for biology/psychology professor David P. Barash from the University of Washington, it’s not … Continue reading

  • 15 Augustine Quotes That Helped Shape Modern Christian Thought

    Even though he though died on August 28, 430, the writings of Augustine of Hippo remain as theologically relevant and spiritually insightful as they did 1600 years ago. The man who became a beloved-Bishop and would eventually be remembered as … Continue reading

  • Christian Musicians Mock Biblical Creationists

    Christian musicians Michael and Lisa Gungor, members of the Dove-award winning band Gungor, made headlines this week with their denial of the inerrancy of Scripture in Genesis. Then Michael Gungor declared in a clarifying blog post, “NO REASONABLE PERSON takes … Continue reading

  • Christian leaders who uphold Genesis

    The modern creation movement is mostly driven by those with primarily scientific qualifications. Some of a theological bent argue that we scientists don’t understand the ‘genre’ of Genesis (i.e. we are theological ignoramuses) and that Genesis is not meant to … Continue reading

  • Long life or eternal life?

    Imagine a Christian (let’s call him ‘Annas’) living in about the year AD 40. He knows that Jesus died on the Cross for his sins, but he doesn’t have the New Testament to tell him what it means, so what … Continue reading

  • Should Christians eat meat?

    The debate on whether Christians have an obligation to follow a vegetarian, or at least meat-free, diet has been going on for centuries. Religions and their relationship with animals will be at the heart of the annual Oxford Centre for … Continue reading

  • Secular scientists support what the Bible says about creation

    by Dennis Marcellino Did a God cause this Universe to come into being? And was that done in six literal 24-hour days as the Bible says? In spite of the mocking in the culture by comedians and political TV shows, … Continue reading

  • Who is intolerant: creationists or evolutionary theologians?

    It’s no longer easy to be a faithful Christian in America, says Dr. Robert P. George, chairman of the U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom. Our culture increasingly condemns Christian beliefs as bigoted and hateful: “They despise us if we … Continue reading

  • Exposition of Romans – Part 131

    Belief & Unbelief – Part 2 Text: Rom 8:7; 10:16, 17; Eph. 4:19; Jer. 17:9 Introduction: Religiophobia is quickly becoming one of the most common postmodern indicators of a society in a constant state of flux.  Thomas Nagel, an outspoken … Continue reading

  • Exposition of Romans – Part 130

    Belief & Unbelief – Part 1 Text: Romans 10:16,17 Introduction: Jack Hayford is a well-known Pentecostal pastor who gained national attention as one of the keynote speakers at Promise-Keepers rallies, as well as one of the men assigned to monitor … Continue reading

  • Exposition of Romans – Part 129

    The Messenger and the Message Text: Romans 10:14-17; 1 Corinthians 1:1-31; Jeremiah 23:16-22 Introduction:  Despite the lame efforts of those involved in the so-called Emergent church, who cheerfully discard distinctive doctrines essential to the gospel (and thus to evangelism), the … Continue reading

  • Powerhouse of Scientists Refute Evolution

    In 2011, the “Biological Information: New Perspectives” conference was held in which 29 leading design scientists technically assessed critical aspects of Neo-Darwinian theory. This evolutionary theory holds that new biological information arises when mutations allow nature to select between organisms, … Continue reading

  • Is Gay Marriage Destroying the United Methodist Church?

    “Irreconcilable” disagreement over same-sex unions is poised to split in the historic United Methodist Church, one of the nation’s largest Christian groups. “If we are one church, we cannot act as if we are two. If, in reality, we are … Continue reading

  • Exposition of Romans – Part 128

    Apostolic Evangelism Text: Romans 10:14,15 Introduction:  Oxymoron is a term that describes a figure of speech in which opposite or contradictory ideas are combined.  Here are some examples:  thunderous silence, living death, sweet sorrow, jumbo shrimp, known secret, doing nothing, … Continue reading

  • NT Wright on homosexuality, science, gender

    TIME Magazine called him “one of the most formidable figures in the world of Christian thought.” Newsweek once labeled him “the world’s leading New Testament scholar.” His name is N.T. Wright, and he has just written a controversial book on … Continue reading

  • Why I teach my kids evolution

    It was Summer, 2012. I’d just started writing about kids and creation science when a prominent media ‘science guy’ came out with a video claiming you can’t do science without evolution. I couldn’t wait to respond, and knew just whom … Continue reading

  • Exposition of Romans – Part 127

    The Judgment of God: A Most Inconvenient Truth – Part 8 Text: Romans 10:1-13; 2 Thessalonians 1:6-10; Matthew 25:31-33 Introduction:  We are SAVED from God’s judgment and eternal separation (Hell) unto eternal life with Christ (Heaven).  “. . . and … Continue reading

  • Exposition of Romans – Part 126

    The Judgment of God: A Most Inconvenient Truth – Part 7 Text: Romans 10:1-13; Ezekiel 22:14 Introduction:  Security, Webster defines the word this way:  The state of being or feeling secure; freedom from fear, anxiety, danger, doubt, etc.; state or … Continue reading

  • What’s In a Day? Young vs Old Earth Creationism

    What’s in a day? That’s the big question when it comes to any interpretation of Genesis 1 that is not a literal, plain reading of the text. Taken at plainest reading, there is little getting around the fact that the … Continue reading

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