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Category: Physics

  • Formation Flight Physics Mastered By Birds

    By: David Coppedge Birds fly in that beautiful V formation for a reason, and it requires sophisticated abilities in high precision aerodynamics. Scientists have finally confirmed that the V-formation used by geese and other large migratory birds provides an energy … Continue reading

  • Dark Matter Search Tinkers with Mythology

    By: David Coppedge They can’t find it, but it must be there.  How long can that approach be sustained? “Dark-matter search considers exotic possibilities,” Nature told its readers this week. How exotic?  Exotic enough to be completely undetectable forever.  Would that be … Continue reading

  • Understanding the Variable Speed of Light Theory

    A Basic Summary by Helen Setterfield (with constant help from Barry) What you are in for here: The results of Barry’s research so far deal with two main categories: the five anomalies and plasma physics. An anomaly is data (or facts) … Continue reading

  • Nuclear physicist embraces biblical creation

    Nuclear scientist Dr Brandon van der Ventel shares his creationist faith with Dr Jonathan Sarfati Dr Brandon van der Ventel obtained his B.Sc. in 1992 and his Ph.D. in 1999, both from Stellenbosch University in South Africa. For 12 years, he has been … Continue reading

  • Jewish Radio Host Takes on Atheist Cosmologist

    by David Coppedge A popular radio talk show host held his own against a PhD cosmologist who argues the universe came from nothing. For his weekly Ultimate Issues Hour, Dennis Prager voice-wrestled with Lawrence Krauss about his book, A Universe from … Continue reading

  • No Dark Matter Down Here

    By David Coppedge A mile deep in the earth, the most sensitive search to date for dark matter has turned up nothing. Today, scientists announced negative results for a test of dark matter deep in South Dakota mine, Live Science reported.  Scientists … Continue reading

  • World Winding Down—a further tool for building up believers

    A review of World Winding Down by Carl Wieland 93 pp, Creation Book Publishers, Powder Springs GA 2013. Reviewed by Jillene Bailey The Second Law of Thermodynamics is the best verified law that we have in science, and yet it is also a … Continue reading

  • Does Physics Drive Evolution?

    By David Coppedge Some recent evolutionary papers appear to make physical laws not just constraints on natural selection, but guiding hands that build optimal designs. Hydrodynamics and the perfect transporter:  In cell membranes, aquaporins are hourglass-shaped channels that allow water … Continue reading

  • Could Magnetic Monopoles Cause Accelerated Decay?

    Bruce Oliver, Eugene Chaffin* Abstract We study the effect of superheavy magnetic monopoles on nuclei such as Aluminum-26 and Potassium-40, to see if the rate of beta decay is enhanced by the nearby passage of a magnetic monopole. Following an … Continue reading

  • CMB Conundrums

    by John Hartnett I have previously reported1 some of the problems associated with observations of the Cosmic Microwave Background (CMB) made by Boomerang, COBE (Cosmic Background Explorer) and WMAP (Wilkinson Microwave Anisotropy Probe). Russ Humphreys has also written on this in the … Continue reading

  • Did All Of Earth’s Gold Come From Outer Space?

    By R. L. David Jolly According to most of the prevailing theories, the Big Bang created hydrogen, the simplest element in existence.  As clouds of hydrogen formed, they began to condense and form helium.  After more time, the clouds of … Continue reading

  • Does the Mind Create Reality or Discover It?

    By David Coppedge Philosophical questions about “reality” are fun if not practical.  But we need a concept of reality in order to function practically. “Get real!” we challenge one another.  Most of us believe in external reality.  The “correspondence theory” … Continue reading

  • Magnetic fields and the science of biblical creation

    The exponential decay of planetary magnetic fields is one of the strongest scientific arguments that supports the young age of the earth and the solar system. As such it is no surprise that skeptics attack this idea. D.O. from the … Continue reading

  • Molecular Motors Put a Spring in Your Step

    By David Coppedge When you feel in spring in your step, thank tiny molecular motors in your muscles and tissues that make it possible. A paper in Science by researchers primarily from University of Washington, Seattle, proposed the novel idea that the … Continue reading

  • The Moon’s Latest Magnetic Mysteries

    by Brian Thomas, M.S. The story of the rise and fall of the moon’s magnetic field constantly energizes planetary scientists. Simply put, under secular magnetism models, the moon is too small to have maintained its charge as long as evolutionists … Continue reading

  • Laser expert points people to the gospel

    Lita Cosner chats with physicist and evangelist Dr David Stone A laser physicist turned evangelist, Dr David Stone was raised religious, but became an atheist evolutionist as a teenager. Fortunately, a Christian from school befriended him. This friend, with the help of … Continue reading

  • Don’t Assume Too Much: Not All Assumptions in Science Are Bad

    by Jeff Miller, Ph.D. It might be tempting to get the wrong impression and think that making assumptions in science is a bad practice, especially upon reading various writings from the creationist community. Creation scientists, for instance, correctly relate many … Continue reading

  • Hiding from God in the Multiverse

    by Jake Hebert, Ph.D. ICR research sometimes involves detecting flawed logic in common evolutionary arguments. One such argument claims that something called the “multiverse” removes the need for a Creator. Is this claim valid? In an attempt to solve serious … Continue reading

  • ‘Natural law’ in the Creation Week?

    Did nature behave in constant ways even during Creation Week? The fact that Creation Week was filled with miracles seems to suggest not at first glance. But do miracles have to be “changes in ‘natural law’”? If not, then perhaps … Continue reading

  • Flaw in creationist solution to the Pioneer anomaly?

      NASA/Ames Research Center – Pioneer 10 In 2008, Creationist physicist and cosmologist Dr Russ Humphreys published a solution to the Pioneer anomaly in Journal of Creation (see The ‘Pioneer anomaly’ for a general introduction). The Pioneer anomaly is a small but strange deceleration of four outgoing spacecraft: … Continue reading