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Category: Paleontology

  • More Discoveries Contradict Human Evolution Story

    By David Coppedge As more findings fail to fit the Darwinian picture, the evolutionary story of man appears to be unraveling. Hand me the tools:  A hand bone from Kenya is telling evolutionists that human-like gripping hands, ready for tool … Continue reading

  • Sticking Your Neck Out

    by Tim Clarey, Ph.D. In 1809, Jean Baptiste Lamarck speculated that the necks of giraffes could grow longer simply by reaching higher and that they could pass this trait on to their offspring.1 A half-century later, Charles Darwin suggested that giraffes … Continue reading

  • Index fossils—really?

    Index, noun; a pointer, indicator, a thing that points out. (Webster’s Dictionary) by Gordon Howard Evolutionary paleontologists use ‘index fossils’ to assign an age to a layer of sedimentary rock and its associated fossils. Evolutionary theory assumes that a particular creature evolved … Continue reading

  • A Dinosaur Is Not a Rooster

    By David Coppedge An apparent fleshy appendage on the head of a hadrosaur does not mean it is an evolutionary link to birds. A specimen of Edmontosaurus was discovered with impressions of what might have been a fleshy appendage, about 8 inches … Continue reading

  • Digging Into a Fossil Outhouse

    by Tim Clarey, Ph.D. A group of paleontologists reported the discovery of concentrated fields of fossilized dung, called coprolite, in northwest Argentina.1 The closely-spaced dung piles are seen as evidence of gregarious behavior from large herbivores. However, does the great Flood … Continue reading

  • Extreme Speculation Presented as Science

    By David Coppedge Things no one could possibly ever know are being reported by science journals and news sites as things worthy of scientific faith. Here are some far-out speculations coming from science sites recently: Asteroid that killed dinosaurs might … Continue reading

  • Pollen Fossils Warp Evolutionary Time

    by Brian Thomas, M.S., & Tim Clarey, Ph.D. Another support beam has fallen from evolution’s explanatory framework as European scientists now report the discovery of flowering plant fossils in Middle-Triassic rocks—conventionally assumed to be around 240 million years old. According to secular … Continue reading

  • Oldest Human DNA Can’t Be As Old As They Think

    By R. L. David Jolly If you believe one of the latest reports from a group of researchers, Adam and Eve could not be real people and the Genesis account of creation is nothing more than a religious myth. Working … Continue reading

  • Fossil Coral ‘Reefs’ Among Rock Strata

    by John D. Morris, Ph.D. In certain regions geologists find what appear to be fossilized coral reefs either buried in deep underground strata or exposed on the earth’s surface. If these reefs really took millions of years to form, they … Continue reading

  • Dinosaur Soft Tissue Preserved by Blood?

    by Brian Thomas, M.S. Researchers are now suggesting that iron embedded in blood proteins preserved the still-soft tissues, cells, and molecules discovered inside dinosaurs and other fossils after the creatures were buried in sediments. The ability to justify millions of … Continue reading

  • On the Origin of Snakes

    By David Coppedge New studies of snakes and their genes are surprising scientists with stories of “rapid evolution.”  Some findings offer potential for human health. Snakes made headlines in scientific papers in the last couple of weeks.  With the publishing … Continue reading

  • Dinosaur Youngster Looks Like Dragon Figurines

    by Brian Thomas, M.S. Phil Currie, one of Canada’s leading paleontologists, helped excavate a virtually complete skeleton of what is likely the youngest ceratopsian dinosaur ever found. Ceratopsians include the famous Triceratops, but others within the group possessed different body sizes, … Continue reading

  • Double-decade dinosaur disquiet

    For twenty years now, dino bones have progressively divulged their contents to researchers who did not expect to find the likes of DNA and radiocarbon ‘millions of years’ after dinosaur extinction. by David Catchpoole Many dinosaur fossils include real bone—they are not completely mineralized, … Continue reading

  • Dinosaur Soft Tissue “Explained”

    By David Coppedge The discoverer of soft tissue in dinosaur bone now has a new explanation for its preservation – but does it really answer the obvious question? According to Live Science, Mary Schweitzer’s “controversial T. rex soft tissue find” has … Continue reading

  • Look Up, Look Down at Natural Design

    By David Coppedge Swimmers, flyers, and things that just sit in the sun are the envy of bioengineers. Silent flyers:  How do owls sneak up on their prey in the dark?  The secrets of the near noiseless flight of owls … Continue reading

  • Reporter Perpetuates Evolution Stereotypes in Texas Ed Article

    By David Coppedge AP reports are often multiplied uncritically across the world, even when their facts are wrong. The power of media to shape public perception about a subject through carefully crafted words and phrases is evident in an Associated Press … Continue reading

  • Tibetan Cat Fossil: A Tall Tale?

    by Brian Thomas, M.S. An international research team claims to have found the world’s oldest big cat fossil in Tibet, publishing their findings in the Proceedings of the Royal Society B.1 Big cats include lions, tigers, jaguars, and even snow leopards from … Continue reading

  • Archaeopteryx May Have Devolved from a Flying Bird

    By David Coppedge In all the debates about the status of Archaeopteryx between reptiles and birds, no one till now expected this wild idea: it lost its ability to fly. Michael Habib (Univ. of Southern California) raised eyebrows in Los … Continue reading

  • Salamanders are ‘living fossils’!

    by David Catchpoole You’ve heard of ‘living fossils’? These are usually announced (often with much media fanfare) when something known only from the fossil record, long presumed extinct for millions of years, is unexpectedly found living somewhere. Examples of such living … Continue reading

  • Attack of the Giant Platypus

    By David Coppedge King Kong Platypus.  Platypus-zilla.  That’s what they’re calling a new fossil that is shaking up the platypus family tree. Before proceeding, we should note that the new platypus fossil is being deduced from a single tooth.  The … Continue reading