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  • The myth about myths in early Genesis

    Up to the mid-19th century, a myth was just that—a myth. The Greek stories of gods and African spirit folk tales were regarded as untrue, whereas the findings of historians who compared documentary records were generally regarded as true. So … Continue reading

  • The Preacher’s Calling Reduced to Five Words

    Te Bible presents an astonishingly simple method of preaching. In Nehemiah 8:8 we read that Ezra and his fellow preachers “read from the book, from the Law of God, clearly, and they gave the sense, so that the people understood … Continue reading

  • Does Song of Solomon Mention Muhammad?

    By Dave Miller, Ph.D. Islamic apologists have attempted to bolster the credibility of their beliefs by claiming that the Bible, itself, makes reference to the coming of the prophet Muhammad. Ironically, this claim comes even in the face of the … Continue reading

  • Reaching the Millennials: A Crucial Connection

    by Henry Morris III, D.Min. Over 40 years ago when ICR’s founder, Dr. Henry Morris, worked with Dr. Tim LaHaye to start Christian Heritage College (now San Diego Christian College), the baby boomers were the trailing-edge generation much like the … Continue reading

  • The impact of evolution on the missionary evangelization of China

    Few missionary endeavours have caught the imagination of the Christian church in the West, or suffered as many setbacks, as the evangelization of China. by Russell Grigg The first Protestant missionary to reside in China was the Scot, Robert Morrison (1782–1834). … Continue reading

  • Evolutionary psychology: explaining everything … and nothing

    Tristan M. from Canada writes: Hello again! So it seems that I have landed myself in another origins debate (not that I am complaining; it can be fun). I put forward question 13 from the ‘15 Questions for evolutionists’ (“Where … Continue reading

  • Bach to the Feature: Music More Cognitive Than Language

    By David Coppedge The ability for the human mind to gauge hierarchical structures in music over the span of lengthy works suggests that we exercise greater cognition in that skill than in language. Music is an evolutionary enigma (1/05/01, 12/13/04, 5/19/08, 5/28/09 #10, 1/15/10 #2, 7/06/12) … Continue reading

  • How Genesis 13 undermines the ‘gap theory’

    by Phil Robinson The gap theory has come in different forms since its conception in the early 1800s. It was a response to the long geological ages that were coming to the forefront, from a naturalistic worldview of the earth’s geological … Continue reading

  • Theologian: Genesis means what it says!

    Jonathan Sarfati interviews Old Testament scholar Dr Robert McCabe Robert V. McCabe, M.Div., Th.M., Th.D., earned his Th.D. degree at Grace Theological Seminary in 1985 in Old Testament Languages and Literature. He joined the faculty of Detroit Baptist Theological Seminary in 1983 … Continue reading

  • Defining arguments away—the distorted language of secularism

    by Shaun Doyle One of the means that secularists have used to achieve dominance in the culture over the last 250 years has been the manipulation of language. Key terms have been modified, and new terms coined, which slant the ‘rules … Continue reading

  • Scientists Are Not Experts on Values

    By David Coppedge The “fact-value split” is a dubious distinction, illustrated by several recent articles.  Scientists cannot act as if their findings are values-free. Values-free facts?  Thomas Deitz tried to isolate facts from values in a piece posted on Science Daily.  … Continue reading

  • Ophel inscription: oldest Hebrew writing corroborates Bible history

    by Douglas Petrovich A team of Israeli archaeologists, led by Eilat Mazar of Hebrew University, made an important discovery in 2012 at the Ophel in Jerusalem, which is located between the Temple Mount and the City of David. They uncovered the … Continue reading

  • God’s Law: Liberty and Justice for All

    By Dr. Jason Lisle It has been suggested that the law of God as it was given in the Old Testament applied only to Israel: that God held Israel to a different standard than the other nations.  After all, God … Continue reading

  • Are There Two Creation Accounts in Genesis?

    By Paul Taylor It is very common for people to object to the idea that the early chapters of Genesis are literally true. One of the most common objections raised is that of two creation accounts. It is said that … Continue reading

  • Dolphins Identify Each Other By Name

    By R. L. David Jolly In humans, we think it normal that everyone has a name that they answer to.  Pet owners also train their animals to respond to a name that the owners gave them.  For instance, we named … Continue reading

  • New Find: Jerusalem’s Oldest Hebrew Inscription

    by Doug Petrovich ThM MA EXCERPT During the 2012 excavations at the Ophel in Jerusalem, which is located between the Temple Mount and the City of David, Archaeologist Eilat Mazar’s team discovered a large building that dates roughly to the early Iron … Continue reading

  • Neanderthal’s Language: Evolution v. Creation Interpretations

    By R. L. David Jolly For decades, evolutionists believed that Neanderthals lived half million years ago and were so primitive that all they could do was grunt at each other and point.  Then it was discovered that they painted on … Continue reading

  • From fables to truth

    by Philip Bell “For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine; but … they will turn their ears away from the truth, and be turned aside to fables.” 2 Timothy 4:3-42 Have you ever read Aesop’s Fables or perhaps the Greek myths … Continue reading

  • Legends of the Flood

    By Eric Lyons, M.Min., Kyle Butt, M.A. Anthropologists who study legends and folktales from different geographical locations and cultures consistently have reported one particular group of legends that is common to practically every civilization. Legends have surfaced in hundreds of … Continue reading

  • Evolutionists Confess to Lying

    By David Coppedge If lying evolved as a fitness strategy, can we believe anything an evolutionist says? In his blog entry “The Evolution of Lying” on The Conversation, Rob Brooks, a professor of Evolutionary Ecology and Director of the Evolution & … Continue reading

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